Record-breaking gains continue across the Greenland Ice Sheet

Astonishing gains. Main Stream Media remains silent.

11 JUNE  2020 – The month of June is breaking records for cold and ice-gains across the Greenland Ice Sheet.

The gains occurring right now across Greenland are truly astonishing.

Vast regions to the south have been GAINING RECORD/NEAR-RECORD LEVELS of snow & ice all month.

Never before in June has the Greenland ice sheet grown by more than 4 Gigatons in a single day (since 1981 when DMI records began), but the past week has delivered two such days — June 3, and now yesterday, June 10.

In fact, yesterday’s gains actually neared 5 Gts — you can see from the chart above how anomalous that gain is for the time of year:

And notice how much the blue line extends above the grey line. That shows record growth.

Blue line (Gigatons per day): total daily contribution to the SMB from the entire ice sheet. Grey line: mean value from 1981-2010 (DMI).

Have you seen any mention of this in the media?

Thanks to Vance for this link

6 thoughts on “Record-breaking gains continue across the Greenland Ice Sheet”

  1. I don’t see a online. Keep getting redirected to advertisement pages. Is this the same as seems to be an alarmist nut site though. Only notice I saw on their page was how the melting season started May 10, 13 days earlier than average OMG! and so much ice has melted since 2002 that the world is awash by 1.2cm more sea water.

    I guess even polarportal doesn’t like the inconvenient truth.

  2. “Main Stream Media remains silent.”
    Yes the MSM is silent, remaining wantonly and willfully ignorant, keeping the public ignorant of reality!
    MSM journalist? The whole darn crowd aren’t worth a bucket of spit!

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