Record breaking lows in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana

Unusually chilly August forecast for eastern US.

Lower temperatures than usual  east of the Rockies

The Weather Channel reports that Sunday morning saw record breaking lows in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana.

Cooler temperatures are predicted to span much of the eastern part of the United States throughout the month of August.

The first of several spells of below-average temperatures, with lows of 60F in Chicago and Green Bay on Friday.

Those overnight lows are expected to persist in lands east of the Rockies for the next two weeks, with daytime highs ranging from the upper 70s to the low 80s, according to

The trend is for weather to be predominantly colder than usual, according to the Washington Post.

6 thoughts on “Record breaking lows in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana”

  1. In northern Nevada it is normally 90f. The last couple of days I have not had to turn on my swamp cooler. It has been below 80f those days with 10 to 15 day predicted below 80f. I don’t think the snow will melt, on our tallest peaks, this year. On Sept. 5, you have to pick your garden so your vegetables won’t freeze.

  2. In West Tennessee, where I live, I’ve noticed the summer has been cooler than usual. Not as many highs in the 90’sF. Something else, usually here in the summer, a haze forms around the horizon by afternoon, and though the sun is shining, it can be quite hazy, and very humid, giving way to local afternoon thundershowers, or just staying hot and very humid, and stagnant, into a long, burning twilight, with the sun looking red and bloated, finally dropping slowly below the horizon. Then things beginning to cool off. That has not happened so much this year. Days have been clearer with no, or much less, typical summer haze, even when temps exceeded the 90 degree mark. Nights have been cooler as well. We may be

  3. Im in southern Missouri and can’t believe how cool it was for the first weekend in August. We were camping with 8 other families and we actually sat close to campfirs to stay warm at night and in the mornings. Some wore jackets the entire time. According to our thermometer we only hit 68 for a high last Saturday.

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