Record-breaking snow in Iceland

According to the Icelandic Met Office, two snow records have been broken in Reykjavík this month.

Yesterday morning the snow measured 33 centimetres deep in Reykjavík and neighbouring municipalities. “Since records keeping began in 1921 there has never been a 24 hour period in December with more snowfall over the Icelandic capital.”

“Another record has also been set in the capital region, where snow has laid on the ground uninterrupted since the 26th November — the longest period of early winter snow cover since records began.”

Roads buried beneath almost 7 feet (two meters) of snow in one town. 

“In the town of Ólafsvík, on the Snæfellsnes peninsular, snow ploughers say they have not seen snow like it for many years. Three machines worked for three hours to open the small town’s main streets to traffic, where snow had been laying on the tarmac from 40 centimetres to fully two metres deep.”

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“Here in Denmark where I am it has been an unusually warm winter so far, following a couple of very cold winters,” says Matilde.

7 thoughts on “Record-breaking snow in Iceland”

  1. Here in northern Germany it`s the same. Very mild December, up to 11 degrees Celsius, no snow in these low regions.
    After a record breaking November with almost no rain (the driest in at least 90 years) we have now a lot of rain.
    See the statistics for the region of Goettingen:

    The upper table is the temperature (means) over the last 10 years, the one below is the precipitation (absolut in mm) and the last one the sunshine (absolut in hours).

    • The same here in Norway, but with a lot of rain. With records temperatures since 1900, some cold days a little snow that became rain and 12 C anomalies again and so on. A pity, I am very exited about the next Ice Age

  2. The same stuck extreme Negative PDO / La Nina pattern that is preventing rain / snow in CA has got to be resulting in massive accumulations in areas where the troughs are stuck. Is this an Ice Age pattern?

  3. This winter in England has been a real disappointment with regards to snow ! Unbelievable warm , 11° with rain and wind. Can’t see any snow on the horizon either but fingers crossed .

  4. It has been my thinking, the past year or so, that when the climate begins a major shift in cycles, patterns move in broad bands across the globe. Of course the warmists will ignore the cold, wet and snow as much as possible, and concentrate on the warm(er) regions.

  5. Since the upper air is NOT warming then that means some where in the world it is getting pounded with lots a snow and cold.

    It all depends on where the storms stack up and right now ocean conditions are not favorable for a cold outbreak in most places.

    Once the conditions are then we will get a big butt whooping.

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