Record breaking snowfall for Bay Area mountain

Highest total for any month since records began. (For ANY month, not just February.)

A record-breaking 38.1 inches (97 cm) of snow fell during February at Lick Observatory atop Mount Hamilton (4,200-feet elevation).

This was the greatest monthly snowfall total on the San Jose mountain since records began there in 1948, according to the National Weather Service.

Mount Hamilton stands about 25 miles due east of San Jose, California.

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7 thoughts on “Record breaking snowfall for Bay Area mountain”

  1. Seasonal snowfall totals for California’s Sierra Nevada mountains are now out:

    433 inches (10.99 meters) up to 618 inches (15.7 meters) so far … and counting.

    And all of that snow and wet weather has led to a complete reversal of Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s Perm-A-Drought declaration of 2016:
    Even Wired predicted that California would be forever in a permanent state of drought, no matter what:

    How times change. Betcha we won’t hear anything from all those Hollywood types about this since they’re too busy gnashing their teeth over climate change to notice how resilient and variable Mother Nature actually is.

  2. This corroborates with ice age/glacial proxy records, which show a much wetter what is now the southwest U.S. during cool/cold periods.
    Perhaps another sign the glacial is on the way?

  3. I am originally from Santa Clara County. (Santa Clara). It was always exciting to see snow on the surrounding Mountains. It usually occurred during the month of February. Several times in the 1960’s we had about 1 inch of snow fall on the valley floor!

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