Record-breaking snowfall in Anchorage

The weather service warned Saturday of intermittent white-out conditions on the Glenn Highway.

Snow levels at the weather service’s office, just south of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, broke the 1958 record of 8.3 inches by a tenth of an inch.

Downtown Anchorage had 7 inches, Mountain View measured 7.8 inches and Hillside had 10 inches of snow near Upper DeArmoun.

Eagle River was hit hardest, with 12.2 inches of snow on Upper Hiland Road. owfall-in-anchorage-saturday/

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6 thoughts on “Record-breaking snowfall in Anchorage”

  1. Former “Tropical Storm” Raymond making landfall in Los Angeles with snow in the mountains immediately adjacent. Just straight to snow. It shojld also be noted that the wet season is beginning at the Mexican border. Is that indicative if warming?

  2. What is definition of “warming”

    Warming is defined as the act of turning on your heater when you fuel is present

  3. Many years ago, when I lived in the Boston area I knew a woman from Anchorage. Oddly enough, she used to complain about Boston’s winters… said they felt a lot colder.

    The main reason she said was that when it got cold in Anchorage … it stays cold until the end of winter … whereas Boston’s winters are not only humid, raw and windy cold… at times the temperatures fluctuate wildly. I’ve seen it in the mid-60s (F) in Boston in mid-winter and I’ve seen a major blizzard on April 1.

    So it will be interesting to see how that all plays out in coming years.

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