Record-breaking typhoon for South Korea

S Korea hit with another typhoon this morning:

Maysak is just the sixth Category 2 or greater storm to hit South Korea since reliable records began in 1951, and it is the fourth typhoon to strike the Korean Peninsula during the ongoing western Pacific typhoon season. That ties the record for the most landfalling storms in a single season, according to Sayaka Mori, a meteorologist for NHK World.

Video S Korea:

Video Japan:

Thanks to Oly for these links

“Record breakers for S Korea and it’s only Sept 2,” says Oly.

3 thoughts on “Record-breaking typhoon for South Korea”

  1. We have had major hurricanes and typhoons throughout earth entire history how any one can determineed man has all the sudden created them is beowed me.

  2. La Nina
    and the wind at sealevel a few mins ago was at most 117k on the highspeed intake side as it passes the tiny end islands of Japan
    none of the sailors lost on the cattle transport stood a chance with not one but 2 cyclones
    3 found 2 still alive before the 2nd one hit.

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