Record California snowfall stunned forecasters

“The quantity of precipitation over the winter stunned forecasters, who failed to predict such amounts in the fall.” – The Washington Post

An incredible 751 inches of snow buried the Sugar Bowl ski area near Lake Tahoe this winter, bringing an abrupt end to an historic drought.


As of Thursday morning, the northern Sierra had achieved its wettest water year in recorded history, the National Weather Service office in Sacramento announced.

The numbers are expected to rise even higher because the water year, which began Oct. 1, doesn’t end until Sept. 30.

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9 thoughts on “Record California snowfall stunned forecasters”

  1. Climate change believers rely entirely on authority. They believe science is a democracy. Patriots, I love democracy as much as any American, but science is not a democracy. Science is the pursuit of truth. Truth is determined by evidence and logic. Therefore, credible science must be based on evidence and logic. Those are two things that the climate change community lacks.

  2. Did it stun ” moonbeam ” Brown who two years ago predicted perpetual drought due to ” climate change ” or maybe ” global warming ” or maybe even the mythical ” greenhouse effect ” ?

    Surely super intellect Cherry Braun can explain it.

    The only explanation I want is :

    Why did they kick you out of the Jesuit novitiate ?

  3. I wonder if they will be stunned all over when it happens again next year, or will they just chalk it up to global warming?

  4. Cal’s AGWERS should shut up too, they voted for agenda 21 scum who let the dam go to sht, now they have to beg potus for more money, looks like some a-holes are all ready kneeling. And it should be known that they tried like hell to kill about 100k people and destroy the Calif. farm valley. Only one big event needed to complete agenda 21 now. Toxic, de-mineralized soil?

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