Record cold across Nevada – Heavy snowfall in the mountains

Rare winter-like storm brings heavy snowfall, sets new records.


13 June 2017 – Several daily low temperatures and rainfall records were set yesterday across central and northern Nevada. On the same day, the state’s mountainous regions received an estimated 6 – 12 inches (15 – 30 cm) of snow.

The rare winter-like storm hit parts of California and Nevada on July 11 and 12, 2017, dumping measurable snow on Lake Tahoe on the California/and Nevada border.

Three locations recorded daily low max temperatures:

Elko Airport new record: 45 °F (7.2 °C)
Old record of 56 °F (13.3 °C) was set in 1970

Eureka Airport new record: 52 °F (11.1 °C)
Old record of 55 °F (12.8 °C) was set in 2010

Tonopah Airport:
Tied old record of 62 °F (16.7 °C) set in 1998

Winnemucca Airport new record: 50 °F (10 °C)
Old record of 58 °F (14.4 °C) was set in 1923

Record daily low temperature was measured at:

Tonopah Airport new record: 34 °F (1.1 °C).
Old record of 37 °F (2.8 °C) was set in 1980.

Also, two stations reported record daily precipitation and measurable snow was reported for the first time at Elko and Ely airports.

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4 thoughts on “Record cold across Nevada – Heavy snowfall in the mountains”

  1. They might have recorded 45 °F in Elko, but there was frost on the ground and ice on my windshield.

  2. Two days after the storm and some mountain tops that are normally snow free by April have a heavy coating.

  3. I am in Battle Mountain and all the mountains around here were heavily snow capped for two days, much of it having melted by yesterday afternoon. When I was in Reno on Sunday, the snowfall across the Sierras was astonishing for this time of year: Reno had hail falling for over 30 minutes. Summer!

  4. “The rare winter-like storm hit parts of California and Nevada on July 11 and 12, 2017”

    Oh, dear…please don’t tell me that ACC has now even disturbed the orderly progression of time. We’re doomed! Quickly… Al Gore must be notified! 🙂

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