Record cold almost daily in North Western Russia near Finland

“Record cold in European Russia and the Urals,” reads the headline. Record low temps in many, many cities, some going back almost 100 years.

1 August 2019 – Last night, in Syktyvkar, the temperature dropped to 3.0 degrees (the previous minimum of 3.3 degrees was noted in 1926).

The temperature minima in the cities of Rybinsk and Pereslavl-Zalessky of the Yaroslavl region respectively, were 6.7 and 6.2 degrees. The previous ones, in 1971, amounted to 8.0 degrees in Rybinsk and 7.0 in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Record lows were observed in the Ryazan region. In the city of Elat’ma was 4.8 degrees, lower than the previous record from 1962.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region in Lukoyanov was 5.6 degrees, beating the previous record in 1962 of 5.8 degrees.

In the Chuvash city of Poretskoye in the morning it was 5.0; in Penza was 7, 4 degrees beating the previous record 8.3 degrees in 1962.

Record low temperatures were also observed in a number of cities in Udmurtia, Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions.

From the Baltic to the Urals and from the White Sea to the south of Black, the average daily temperatures in July and early August are 4–8 degrees lower than normal and more like the beginning of September. 

Cool weather will continue for several days, so new records are possible.

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“European mass-media doesn’t even mention about it,” says Victor. “But when it is hot they are screaming 🙂”

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  1. I spoke to a Swiss woman originated from Russia neighbourhood Tsjelnabinsk. She just returned from there and russians are saying that the last three years summers fails almost to be there. As usual only heatwaves will be noticed by western weather forecasts

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