Record cold in Antarctica

14 June 2016 – In Vostok, temperature of -80.3 degrees was recorded.

Coldest since observations began.

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    • Several sources say it was -89.2 C there in 1983. More record adjusting to prove “warming”?

  1. But the Global Warming priests told us that the Antarctic should have been PLUS 80.3 degrees by now. They got the sign wrong.

    • Of course they did! It’s a global warming agenda! Filthy bastards want there money! Only for them not us!

  2. how can that happen didn’t our president say that climate change is important the biggest problem facing mankind and humanity, what is it getting colder? I am concerned.

    • Again mike it’s all a global warming agenda. It is for them not us. I encourage you to do more research on the subject area before commenting on skeptics like Roberts sites who actually know what there talking about

    • Get ya head out the sand… should be obvious that you have been lied to….Al Gore also said that residents of Miami would be floating down the streets in their yachts as Florida floods due to sea level rise LMAO…how the hell can people even accept carbon dioxide the second most important gas for life to exist as being bad is beyond me…..someone should learn how photosynthesis works… also should learn this fact first that the ocean’s are a carbon sink. Cold water holds more dissolved gasses than warm water its a 7th grade chemistry experiment. As the water warms it releases those dissolved gasses which includes both oxygen and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. No one doubts the 1979-1998 warm period which has released these stored gasses. The net result is that the increase in CO2 is a result of warming not the cause because without the warm water there wouldn’t of been outgassing. You can prove this truth yourself by studying the fish in any freshwater lake…Everytime there’s a huge heatwave in the summer there are die offs of fish from the lack of oxygen in the water…accept this undeniable fact and you will start questioning everything

  3. Global = EVERYWHERE on earth
    Warming = Rising temperatures

    So HOW are record lows anywhere even possible if temps are rising everywhere?

    How can the science be settled when democrats can’t even understand 5th grade vocabulary words?

  4. I clicked on first link and started seeing russian print and then I closed window. I do not know if it is a worm or what but that last time I done that a worm program crashed my computer.

    • Yes, it is in Russian. However, I’ve looked at articles on this site many times and have had no problems.

    • My translation:
      “The most freezing zone on earth is located in Antarctica, where there are several meteorological stations. One of them, “Vostok”, is a Russian station, where our polar researchers (“Polyarniki”) maintain a constant presence. Temperatures in that part of Antarctica are extreme both in winter and summer. Right now the polar researchers work in permanent darkness, as in winter Antarctica falls onto polar night.

      The temperature measured on June 14 this year is the lowest of the entire period of observation. The measured temperature was confirmed at -80.3 C.

  5. So-called man-made “global warming”—or “climate change,” or “The Great Green Con”—is the greatest hoax that has been perpetrated since our planet was formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago, and Man set foot on the Earth.

    It is a wealth redistribution scheme in the amount of $34 trillion or more, and accretion of power by the “warmer” elites. In another time, the proponents of “global warming” would have been members of the “Flat Earth Society,” and claimed a consensus with respect to it too.

    See (“A $34 Trillion Swindle: The Shame Of Global Warming”) (see also the comments beneath the article)

    Even if all human beings and other animals were removed from the planet, there would still be natural cycles of warming and cooling. Our Earth has gone through such cycles for millions of years, which will continue long after all of us—and our inheritors—have left this planet.

    • Or 193K.
      Previous record was 194K so it’s just another cold dark “day” at Vostok though the graph shows a slight gradual cooling since records began.
      It’s a pity journalists cannot use duh internet.

  6. The warmists have established squatters’ rights on the claim that no matter what unusual weather occurs, it’s caused by global warming.
    ‘Cause said so.
    Ans those who differ out loud should be prosecuted,of course.
    That’s their idea of science.

    • Al gore: Man made globull warming has been making me taller since the age of 6! Lmao!

  7. Drudge linked this, so expect more traffic. I see he translated Centigrade to Fahrenheit -112

  8. Obviously, another problem caused by global warming. As the song goes…. sun so hot, I froze to death, obama don’t you cry…

  9. Can’t be true, it must be very warm in Antartica. The government says we have global warming and it’s all or fault. Who am I to believe? Ha ha

  10. Mankind might as well not get to “warmed up ” to the notion that the earth may be cooling or heating depending on your bent. When mother nature here or out there decides it’s time to extinct the humans on this planet it’s a done deal.

      • This is an actual reading, the -128.6F was by remote sensing and not considered an official temp reading. That is what I gathered from the information I saw on it.

  11. Unusually hot? Climate change.
    Unusually cold? Climate change.
    Unusually wet? Climate change.
    Unusually dry? Climate change.
    Unusually usual? Climate change.

    My theory cannot be falsified, therefore if you disagree, you are a denier and should be put in prison.

  12. Ssshhhh!!!! Don’t say ANYTHING about this!!!!! Especially in California, where the BUMS are proposing, get this… law that if you speak against the scam of “Global Warming” you can be thrown in jail!!!

  13. Eh, so much for global warming… oh wait I forgot, they changed the name to Climate Change now in light of the cooling trend of the last 15 years.

  14. This is a lie and cannot be true!

    I was there last week and took a lake swim and received a great suntan!

    Trust me, and my Democrat hacks to lead you!

    Now……….your wallet please!

  15. Wikipedia:
    The lowest natural temperature ever directly recorded at ground level on Earth is −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F; 184.0 K), which was at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica, on July 21, 1983. Analysis of satellite data indicated a probable temperature of around −93.2 °C (−135.8 °F; 180.0 K), in East Antarctica, on August 10, 2010; however, this reading was not confirmed by ground measurements. …

  16. Man made global warming claim is a religion. God created the earth to do just as it’s supposed to do. Scientists cannot convince me that the earth is functioning under our control, if that were the case why can’t scientist stop a hurricane. If we’re “effecting” the climate then we can control it. Oh, yeah, they can’t control it. I know, it’s Trumps fault.

  17. I bet those hardy souls who overwinter in Antarctica enjoyed being present for the record and celebrated with copious quantities of vodka!

  18. When I went to school in the 70’s I remember how we were warned that global freezing would doom us by the 80’s. Let’s just be frank and cut the crap.

    • Not on this day of the year. It’s late fall in the SH. Winter has yet to begin. The seasons “officially” change on June 20th. The coldest temps ever recorded in Antarctica were around -137f. Recorded during the SH late winter. It’s going to get very cold in the coming months and years. Finish the cold frames and greenhouses ASAP. You are going to need them soon. America has zero strategic food reserves. Look for a “very large volcanic eruption” this NH fall/winter. Likely before the end of 2016.

    • You are correct. Vostok has recorded a low of -89.2 C (-128 F). The referenced temperature must be the lowest temperature recorded so far this season, or the earliest it’s been this cold.
      Both temperatures are below the freezing point of CO2. Walking outside without a breathing mask would probably kill you in seconds.

      • I’ve been out in -40F… it’s a painful experience if you touch anything cold without gloves on. Anything exposed can get frostbite in 10 minutes or less. I learned this fact in January trying to push a car out a snowbank…I didn’t get frostbite but I did get freezer burn on my hands….my hands for a few days felt like they were burning…I was in constant pain and I couldn’t hold anything without screaming…luckily it slowly subsided back to normal because I caught it early enough. I’ve seen drunks get disoriented and die literally on their front lawn in Minnesota… they weren’t dressed right for the weather after leaving the bad and one of the effects of hyperthermia is confused thinking combine this and alcohol and its lethal…Rubber freezes and cracks at -40…I wonder just what can actually take -130 if -40 is this bad

  19. When this news is reported by the main stream media the headline will read: “Record Cold in Antarctica proves Man-Made Global Warming.”

  20. Al Gore was right. Wait…he said it’d get warmer. Well anyway we’re all doomed.

  21. Prof. Abdussamatov was right-the solar output (irradiance) has been decreasing since the 1970s..this is why global winters are becoming more severe. Southern Brazil is now seeing frosts and even snow..Santa Catarina recorded record low temperatures. this cooling trend will continue for another 25-30 years.

  22. Gosh, the weather is what it’s supposed to be. Imagine that! I hope this continues and people start to see how they’re being controlled by the “Global Warming” dictators.

  23. YUP Barak! GW and Right Wing citizens are far more dangerous then the bloodthirsty iSLAMists trying to take over the World!

    Could the Left be any more Vacuous or Suicidal?

  24. WOW global warming at it’s best – Lets call it climate change so we can get more $$$ from the sheeple!!! LMAO

  25. Greetings Robert –

    Thanks to today’s ‘Drudge Report’, I have just discovered and bookmarked your most insightful and critically important website. Fabulous work, and so badly needed right now! Keep it up!!!

    Most sincerely,

    D. Ross Carder, PhD

  26. Man has a nerve thinking they can change the ecology of the earth
    The earth is way more resilient than anything we can do to it
    It is our gift from God and hence His creation is preserved by Him

  27. hey jackass politicians!! solar cycle had reached zero flare sequence and the poles are close to flippping! Flat lines at mid-atlantic mafic trenches! That said, mini-iceage commeth!! However, due to Pacific rim actvity My theory is one or two of the large Volcanoes and potentially one of the supers is ready to go! Next pleistocene at best! North pole is oscilliating as well! Climate change commeth via earths beautiful healing cycle!! Shut up and go buy a parka or sherpa coat!! Thank u!!

  28. It was predictable that global warming would cause record cold. My women’s studies professor explained it to me, how that works.

    • A professor of women? Michael Mann is a professor of ‘climate science’, but is ignorant of the laws of thermodynamics. Some science!

  29. You could report the world is freezing over but the warmist’s will tell you global warming caused that, and how dare you dispute their claims!
    These global warming jerks are the same people who claimed the world was flat hundreds of years ago and if you disagreed with them they would burn you at the stake.

  30. What’s left to say? Some of the global warmers want to prosecute the deniers. It’s time for some serious push back. Let’s threaten to prosecute the propagandists. Some say Gore is an idiot, but he isn’t really. The blowhard has made about 200 million for himself over the last ten years while promoting phony science and investing in government subsidized companies claiming some connection to “climate change.”

    • Is Gore a qualified scientist? If not, he could be charged for impersonation (pretending he’s a scientist, and making money out of it). In the medical and legal professions that would be a punishable offence. Same applies to Leonardo di Caprio.

  31. The proven record coldest in the world is Vostok, Antarctica at about -89.2 degrees Celsius on July 21, 1983. This is easily confirmable, just look up the world cold record on Google and just about every source will agree with this. There have been one or two colder measurements, like the -93.2 degrees Celsius elsewhere in East Antarctica on August 10, 2010, but they’re unproven. This is cold, but it isn’t a record.

  32. People don’t realize that a degree of cooling will be much worse than a degree of warming.

  33. Alberto Gorez, the noted S. American Global Cooling Climatologist was 100% correct, when decades ago he predicted the current global cooling trend……You can now GOOGLE ALBERTO GOREZ!!!!

    Want to buy a carbon debit and help keep the world from freezing?

  34. Al Gore got a ‘D’ in “College Science”, then flunked out of school…..but the corrupt racist 95% un-Diverse media says trust Al Gore, “the SCIENCE is settled”….and the ‘fluffy’ sheeple bleat, baa and continue stuffing their faces via their EBT cards…..

    • Al Gore didn’t “flunk out” of school. He earned an undergraduate degree at Harvard, and later served in the Army in Vietnam. When he returned to Tennessee, he took some theology courses at Vanderbilt to explore faith issues his Vietnam experience raised, but he was never on a degree track. Later, he went to law school, but left when an opportunity arose to run for Congress. These claims that he “flunked out” are really pants on fire false.

  35. what IS REALLY WEIRD??
    see this

    Actual Temp
    -71° Lo N/A
    Hist. Avg.
    -64° Lo -70°

    Actual Temp
    N/A Lo N/A
    Hist. Avg.
    -64° Lo -70°

    Actual Temp
    N/A Lo N/A
    Hist. Avg.
    -64° Lo -71°

    Actual Temp
    -72° Lo N/A
    Hist. Avg.
    -64° Lo -71°

    just those THREE DAYS data is very convenient??

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