Record cold in Australia

Breaking records set more than 100 years ago.

Queensland residents are reaching for cardigans as overnight December temperatures break record lows.

Mount Isa had its lowest overnight December temperate ever on record at 12 degrees Celsius — 11C degrees below average.

“Burketown yesterday had a minimum of 17.7C which was the lowest they’d seen up there since 1920, but that was eclipsed today with 16C, and that’s the coldest December morning since 1907,” said Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Bernard.

“Richmond yesterday was 11.8C which was the lowest there in December since 1909.”

“I’ve been forecasting for a few decades now and I can’t really remember anything quite this spectacular as far as dry and cool at this time of year,” said Bernard. “It’s the sort of thing we often see in winter which usually leads to really cold winter nights, but we don’t often see it in December.”

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9 thoughts on “Record cold in Australia”

  1. and i just looked at BoM pages and all and i mean ALL of their sidebar topics are about the heat..maybe..if a warm inland front keeps being pushed down across aus not a word about the colder temps.
    depenmding on when Robert apporves this post its worth a look at earthnullschool for aus at this time (12.30am sat morning) the charts are weirdly banded and swirly all across aus the wind patterns are see it to believe it style;-0)

  2. I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t of read about it here. Also I’m interested if anyone else has noticed a change in the colours of the B.O.M maps that project the temps? Or is it just me? Every time we get warm weather it shows as red everywhere where once I thought we only got the red when it was extreme. Has any one else noticed this?

  3. I live on the Central Coast NSW near Sydney and we are getting fairly cold sea temperatures ….. now if this continues for this season and next year as well something will be up

    • Yes south east Aus is getting some warm weather now. Today it was in the Low to mid 30’s & tommorrow Melbourne is set for 36 degree C. But just had some very cool temps recently as well. I work outdoors so it’s quite noticeable the difference.

  4. I can feel the cooler air here in SE QLD. Actually really a blissful summer with very little heat & humidity so far compared to what we’re used to. We’re growing flowers well into late autumn that normally would not last much past October at best. Hard to fake that! And of course our air-conditioning has hardly been running for 6 months. I almost forgot how to use it!

    Interesting how we NEVER get told by the media when record cold happens. But have a day with warm summer temperatures and the world is going to fry!

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