Record Cold in Boston

Cold max temperature of 21 degrees F ties record set in 1896, reader reports.

Thanks to Kevin A for this link

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  1. Co-insiding with the first cycle SC12 of the Gleissberg minimum, this non GSM reoccurring minimum lasted from 1890 to 1914, and has many documented harsh winters in both text and in photographs.
    Our Sun has three main states of output with the transition between GS Max and GS Minimum being carried out over a 10 years period, or one orbit of the Sun around the Solar System BarryCentre.
    The three states are:
    Grand Solar Max – 70 years
    Grand Solar Minimum 32 years
    The reoccurring Gleissberg minimum of around 70 years.
    Giving the current 172 year solar cycle.
    It very likely that the sequence works in that order in the ordered 1500 year period, but during the disordered phase, as per the LIA period from Oort to Maunder the Grand Solar Max period was much reduced.
    The Grand Solar Max period would be made up of two parts, the Gleissberg recovery period from the GSM and the high out phase of the Grand Solar Max, which we have just seen ending in 2007, the GSM started in 2008 and it has taken 10 years for the climate effects to become apparent.

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