Record cold in Brazil

In several cities

29 Apr 2016 – The city of Urupema in Santa Catarina, was the coldest point, recording -4 ° C in the early hours of Friday (29), according to Climatempo.

Snow in the city of Serra Catarinense covered roofs, cars, vegetation and open fields over the past three nights. The last time the city recorded so cold was in September 2015, with -5.4 ° C on the 13th.

Still in Serra, frosts also hit the city of São Joaquim. At 08 hours, the National Institute of Meteorology also recorded -1.8 ° C in Bom Jardim da Serra, -0.5 ° C and -0.3 ° C in Caçador in Lages

Among the capitals, São Paulo recorded 11.8 ° C in the morning, the lowest temperature in 17 years for the month of April.

Florianópolis reached a record low high temperature for the month, with 9.9 ° C, which had not happened since 1972.

Meanwhile, Porto Alegre dropped to 6.8 ° C, not reached on this date since 1971.

The Rio de Janeiro had the coldest morning of the year, with 15.8 ° C, and Victoria too, with 21.4 ° C.

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5 thoughts on “Record cold in Brazil”

  1. interesting noting many of the prior lows were the SEVENTIES
    right when a lot of the same pack of “scientists n experts”
    started the iceage and followed by the ozone panics.
    so looking back from when I was a teenager, when they were in full bullshit mode
    we have at least doubled the population globally
    and while we still do have poor and hungry globally we have Less of them
    we have pumped more oil n gas that they said even existed, and we still havent run out
    ditto all the minerals and ores.
    and the food productions soared without the touted GMO (actually giving NON improved yields) and in spite of their toxic effects on water soils n people. though the bees arent doing so well;-(
    humans are nothing if not adaptable..and ditto for most other life forms on the planet.

  2. Surprise in Manchester :

    A snow suddenly fell in Manchester, UK on Thursday morning. This is the first ever snow in April in 19 years.
    Some areas in Manchester saw a snowfall of 30 millimeters. The surprising snow slowed local traffic.
    This year is a cold spring for Manchester, with average temperature in April standing at six Celsius degrees, four degrees lower than previous years. The temperature skydived from 17 Celsius degrees on April 18 to zero Celsius degrees on Friday in ten days.
    According to records of UK’s meteorological department, the last snow in April was in 1981.
    The meteorological department forecast that the snow will move southwest in next two days. But the snow and hailstorms in northern UK will not weaken within this week. The temperature will still be lower than that in March.!language=1
    Ole Jensen

  3. Argentina, April 30, 2016. Rescue operations ongoing for three days to rescue elderly during snowstorm. The snow in the Andes highlands in the Neuquen area reached more than one meter.

    Reader’s comment: Hey Pope, why don’t you go back to see what global warming looks like in the country where you came from. And take your friend Bernie Sanders with you.

    • In June of 1995 it snowed while I was on my honeymoon in that area. We nearly froze trying to see the Grand Canyon the next day. We didn’t pack any warm clothes so we had to buy jackets at the local mall.

      Not sure what climo is for that area and the different elevations for this time of year.

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