Record cold Brisbane Oz

Today, Brisbane, Queensland, had its coldest December summer day ever.

19 c was all it could get to!

Many other areas in the state also set new record lows.

Despite what the presstitutes say (or don`t say), global cooling is underway!

Regards,  Ron

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  1. I won’t call 19C cold – it certainly isn’t a swelterer – but that is typical for summer where I live in the UK. Lowest I have seen here was summer last year: 6C – yes “SIX” so I think you’ve a way to go before you need dig out the snow-shoes! 😀

    • Yes but Brisbane is in the sub-tropics and even winter is warmer than this. We are into our second week of summer and still wearing winter clothes.

    • For this region of Australia this is DARN cold! The U.K. is a far cry from Australia. What the point here is that if Australia’s summers are becoming this cold and wet then the Northern Hemisphere is in for similar next summer for as the Southern Hemisphere seasons go, so goes the Northern Hemisphere, only worse.

  2. Even though I totally agree with Robert Felix-so what this is weather not climate.Also November was a period 36 days without rain and hot.

    • Look in the mountains at the , well, the mountains of snow, look around the world, look with your eyes open.

    • Fair comment, however the global warming alarmists and media do not hesitate to point out continuously and exclusively any and all temperature records which support AGW. This just shows the other side of the ledger and just might support a cooling trend.

  3. I am an American, living in Manly, NSW, Australia. Have been in this blessed place for 10 years now. I can attest that this is not just confined to QLD, but has hit New South Wales (Sydney). We are now in our coldest start to Summer in over 50 years. Even worse my tomatoes won’t ripen. It has been too cool, too cloudy and too wet. All they do is sit on the vine. I know from experience from the US what that means; they will get past the ripening stage and either rot or fall off if we don’t get a fair bit of sun this week. Forecast = cool, wet and dark so I am not hopeful.

  4. Our government’s carbon tax is a money grab by the Greens, the government and interested earth sciences. Our current government won’t win the next election.

    The current government came into power with over $50 Billion dollars in surplus in the kitty. They have wasted that money and added something like $68 Billion dollars in debt. In Australian terms that is appalling. My guess is that the vast majority of Australians are not happy campers.

    In world terms ……….. it is a kick in the shorts.

  5. I have lived in Brisbane and near Brisbane for 50 years. The weather patterns here are simply returning to what it was like in the 1960’s and 70’s. It’s just part of a natural multi-decadal cycle. All these global warming alarmists said it was going to be hotter and drier. They need to pull their heads away from their computer models and look outside once in a while.

  6. its la nina at work-and the start of this current passing of the MJO .Next MJO event is expected mid January .

  7. All I know is here inthe Pacific Northwest we are under air stagnent alerts with no rain for the next 10 days…………after half a month with just a *trace* of liquid.

    It’s also been cloudy and yuck!!!!!!!!!

    You cannot have any MORE boring weather then Zonal flow.

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