Record cold caused by ‘climate disruption’

“Penrith swelters while Florida freezes: climate disruption is to blame,” bleats the headline in the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Now the AGW Zealots are turning to calling the New Modern Cooling Period ‘Climate Disruption’ in a silly attempt to save the AGW CO2 wealth redistribution scheme,” says reader. “This is dangerous thinking and leaves the public unprepared for the New Modern Cooling Period that is upon us. Perhaps this is being done as a way to deflect the liability that’s out there for creating false narratives in my opinion.”

Thanks to Steven W. Little for this insight

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  1. Stupid assholes! Is Climate Disruption a new term again??? LOL

    I can tell you right now, they are NOT fooling anyone ever again. I totally ignore all of them since 1992. That stupid warming crowd is rapidly dying and on the way out, thankfully. They are complete idiots and only cater to the gullible.

  2. Climate disruption–you’ve got to hand it to them! Y2K had a best before date. This scam has no bookends, so it can go on forever.

    By the way, I thought the problem was supposed to be carbon dioxide. If that is the case, why do the powers that be keep talking about “carbon taxes” and “decarbonizing”? I thought that we–and all other living things–were made of carbon.

    • Watch dog, luckily it is not connected with the MSM nonsense in the Australian media. They have followed the President’s promise to drop the “global warming” then “climate change” rubbish we are all aware of on this site from the Government agenda.

  3. The Urals, Siberia and the Far East – the territory of cold – RU
    Abnormal frosts pinched the east of Russia. From the Urals to Primorye, the temperature is noticeably below normal. In some places up to -56°C.
    Cold air inhabits the Asian regions of Russia. In the Urals, in Siberia and Primorye, it is abnormally frosty. Emergency warnings are transmitted.
    Until January 23 in the Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrugs, until January 25 in Sverdlovsk, until January 26, Kurgan regions, in the south of the Tyumen region, the average daily air temperature is below the climatic norm by 7 degrees or more.
    In the Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrugs -45°C and below, in the Sverdlovsk and Kurgan regions to -40°C. It is cold in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in Turukhansk on the eve of a new record – minus 47.2°C. The previous record belonged to 1977 and was almost a degree higher: -46.4.

    The cold from Omsk to Barnaul, where the temperature anomalies are even greater. So in Khakassia the temperature is below the norm by 12-17 degrees, and in the Altai Republic – by 15-20. Everywhere up to -40 degrees and below. In the Irkutsk region frosts are even stronger, in the coming days in the north of the region -56°C, in the south -40..45°C.
    In the Far East, cold anomalies in Primorye. There, too, in the coming days to -40°C.

  4. I agree climate disruption is a good term for the massive energy movements of heat from Warm Tropical Regions to the Poles by Meridional Jet Stream activity.
    However, the Warmists have omitted a key term from the descriptor – Solar Climate Disruption, as they have with Climate Change when they dropped Human Induced from the term.
    Solar Climate Disruption at the EUV level been excessive since the Modern Solar Warm period ended in 2008 and the abrupt Modern Grand Solar Minimum commenced with the start of SC24.
    Solar Climate Disruption is normal for each and every period of any GSM and the less active Gleissberg 70 year period which will follow it, as it has for every GSM that has occurred for the last 1500 years of documented Western History, more so with reference to Chinese history for the last 5500 years, for them GSMs cause drought, and famine, in addition to intense cold.
    If you think climate disruption is bad at the moment, you haven’t seen anything yet with another three years of a declining SC24 and all of a possible 17 year SC25 to get though, with SC25 a possible third of SC24s full sized sun spot count at Solar Max.

  5. The SMH is nothing more than a rag. There is only one commentator with consistently logical thinking and that is Andrew Bolt. The rest are shills- rubbish.

  6. Brace yourself for the term climate wierd-ing. I heard it being used during a radio interview a while back to explain the effects from green house gases. It seems it can be called what ever they want it to be called.

  7. yeah and the penrith temp is under some dispute
    meanwhile the BOM chart tonight in either/ all aus/vic/sth aus versions of the radar and rainfall show a massive 264mm rainfall somewhere near geelong
    ive looked at geelong and colac local pages and rainfall shows at ZERO
    aint technology grand? or not;-)

  8. Climate/weather is caused by climate/weather? Almost like deriving the algebraic result 0=0, which is perfectly correct but not particularly helpful.

    • You almost got that right. The correct equation, from Al Gore’s Nobel Thesis is:

      Warming = Climate/weather = CO2 = Weather/Climate = Cooling

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