Record cold continues at North Pole

And yet, back in 2008 “climate prophet” James Hansen of NASA was running around warning us that the Arctic would be free of summer sea ice within 5 to 10 years. 

Instead, the Arctic is experiencing record cold.

“The short polar melt season is almost half over, and hasn’t actually begun yet,” says Tony Heller.

See Seth Borenstein’s article about James Hansen:

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    • There’s also seasonal melting of the ice caps on Mars. Must be all that CO2 in the atmosphere that causes it. We really must stop polluting the Red Planet. 🙂

    • The sharp drop with the “bulb” on the bottom is obviously instrument failure – there is no way such a drop is due to anything else.

      I also remember DMI changed some of their reporting parameters a few years ago and hence the comparison between recent graphs and previous ones might not be realistic.

      Besides that the US Skate became the first submarine to actually surface at the north pole in 1958 in clear water – no ice at all !

      The amount of ice at the north pole is meaningless – there was no ice there in 1958 and there is lots today – the ocean currents affect the sea ice more than the atmosphere and the oceans recently contained a lot of “heat” which caused alarmists to wet themselves thinking this El-Nino proved there was no pause.

      Climate alarm is just childish nonsense !

  1. Russia, July 4, 2017: snow in Norilsk, flood in Moscow, heat in Astrakhan
    The morning of July 4 again proved that the Siberian summer is extremely capricious. In social networks, Norilsk residents post photos and videos of a summer snowfall. Snow passed in the morning in two districts of the city.
    Weather forecasters say that in the next few hours the air temperature in the city will be only 15 degrees Celsius, rain is possible. Residents of Norilsk note that snow or snow with rain can go several times during the summer. The first summer snowfall this year was held in early June.
    For the whole of Russia the summer turned out to be extremely shy and heterogeneous: while the Far East is exhausted from the anomalous heat, hurricanes and “Old Testament” floods are raging in the central part of the country. For Moscow July was the second wettest month for the history of the city, and the thermometer’s column surely holds two degrees below the norm.
    At the same time, 40-degree heat came to the south of Russia, and in some areas a fire-fighting regime was introduced. One of the most “hot” regions was the Astrakhan region.

    Alena Pinaeva | July 4th 22:06
    Snow fell in the central province of Kenya, near the city of Nyeri. The local resident shared with the TV channel “360” photos and video of a phenomenon unusual for the region.
    At first glance, it may seem that these are the usual pictures of the Russian route in early autumn, when in some regions the first snow falls. If it had not been for the trees with green leaves and making Africans Africans on the background of white roads.
    Despite the fact that Africa is associated primarily with heat, in summer the average temperature there can drop to +6 … + 10 degrees at night. On the mountains of Kenya, there is snow all year round. This summer, apparently, he reached the lowlands.

  2. We ll another fraud exposed.
    Didn t they want to lock people up for lying about global warming?

  3. I check this chart every day. It has been an interesting record of the warming due to the 2016 El Nino. Since May of this year, the postings have been below the average.
    However, I don’t see anything in the chart or in Tony Heller’s recent posts that could support the conclusion that these are “record” cold readings.
    Is there another source?

    • This is the source for the above chart:
      For readers who haven’t seen this chart the blue line is 0C
      The light green chart trace is the average since 1958 in Kelvin.
      Given that GSM cycle is 172 years, between the start of Dalton to the start of this Modern GSM that is just over a third of 172 years.
      The majority of the time of this average has been the high energy solar output period of this Modern solar warm period from 1940 to 2008.
      The previous 94 year period included the period of recovery from Dalton and the 6 cycle Gleissberg period following it, with some of the coldest winter periods since the Dalton GSM.
      The problem we have is that the Global Warmist Alarmist can only see the wood of the Lonesome pine, they can’t see the wood of the Northern hemisphere tree line, moving North as the Warm period developed since 1940 from the extra energy from the Sun, nor will they see the tree line moving South in the face of a LIA caused by the Sun’s cool period to come. The IPCC and the Green Socialists US educationalist establishment will never admit that they have wasted trillions of US dollars by barking up the wrong tree and having a grand old time spending 17 million dollars time to find out why the ice is melting, and then getting stuck in unexpected ice.
      I think some cost benefit analysis is required before spending more money on these Ologists boozos.

  4. “James Hansen of NASA was running around warning us that the Arctic would be free of summer sea ice within 5 to 10 years. ”

    Yes Hansen distracted everyone in the climate business into gazing fixedly at the Arctic hoping for insight. All they have found is that Arctic ice is profoundly affected by local sea temperatures and currents, and local wind speed and direction. Something that was already known.
    As a climate indicator it is a failure, and I suspect Hansen knew that and was the reason why he distracted everyone away from looking for real climate effects.

  5. During the 80’s I used to drive truck on the Dalton “highway” between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, AK and the mid July daytime (nearly 24 hours this time of year) temps used to reach the mid to upper 70’s. The news I watch has been giving the weather forecast for Point Barrow, AK which is only a few miles further north and temps have been listed as only reaching the mid to upper 40’s. This would seem to indicate cooling temperatures and considering that during the 80’s there were no indications of global warming some of these “climate scientists” experimenting with dispersing arresols into the atmosphere to reduce global temperatures may be a bit premature and ill advised in my humble opinion.

  6. ahhh? splains the medias sudden quietitude about the super warm nth polar regions lately:-)

  7. Hi there!

    The winter continues to keep Southeastern Brazil under his iron hand.

    Yesterday’s morning, the “Flag Summit” (Pico da Bandeira in portuguese), which lies at a height of 9481ft, registered a low of -14ºC (7ºF). The main media vehicle, Globo, reported it at its News website.

    Also, Sao Paulo City, the greatest metro area in the Southern Hemisphere, has been recording lows under the 50s for almost a week straight.

  8. This was on today, July 5:

    This marks the 44th day in 2017 without sunspots. So many blank suns is a clear sign that Solar Minimum is approaching. The last time the solar cycle shifted in this way, ~10 years ago, the sun plunged into the deepest Solar Minimum in a century. Between 2008 and 2009, sunspots were absent almost all the time; cosmic rays from deep space penetrated the solar system in record numbers; and Earth’s upper atmosphere collapsed. We are on the verge of this happening again.

    Yesterday, July 4th, at a meeting in the UK, researchers led by Prof. Yvonne Elsworth at the University of Birmingham reported that acoustic waves inside the sun shifted frequencies during the previous Solar Minimum (2008-2009), and those frequency shifts have persisted to the present day. “This lends weight to speculation that a fundamental change in the nature of the [sun’s magnetic] dynamo may be in progress,” they stated in a paper recently published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. These findings suggest that another deep Solar Minimum could be in the offing. Stay tuned for more blank suns.

  9. Hopefully they will remember this in the middle of winter when their newsflash, no joke, is it’s below freezing at the North Pole.

    Anyway, it’s just gotten a lot more difficult to substantiate unusual colder than average weather with news articles, which, as you know, are very underreported to begin with. Also, I’m hearing reports from individuals that Brazil is colder than they are used to.

  10. Jim Hansen has been the resident Chicken Little at NASA for the last 20 years. None of his tales of gloom and doom have ever come to reality. LIKE AL GORE HE HAS NO CREDIBILITY.
    I have placed Hansen on the ignore list a long time ago.

  11. Greenland too, On Drudge

    July 4, 2017 : Coldest July Temperature Ever Recorded In The Northern Hemisphere

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