Record cold in Dallas

It was 39 F this morning in Dallas, crumbling records from 1934,” says reader Rischa Leinweber. “You have to go back to 1903 to find a colder may 3rd.”

“Its 15 to 30 degrees colder than the norm here right now.”

:Much of Texas has seen record lows this week.”

“When are you moving to Texas? ;)” asks Rischa.

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  1. “I’m blind in Texas, the lone star is [cold tonight]
    I’m blind in Texas, the cowboys have taken my eyes”

    In Texas !

  2. Extreme snowfall and frost damage in Europe 5/3/2016
    In several European countries – such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France and Belgium – apples, pears, cherries and grapes were frozen early last week. The snowfall also created challenges with the roofing systems, and occasionally the snow completely ruined things. Snow and cold temperatures are predicted for some places in the coming nights again. NFO, the Dutch fruit growers association, summarised the results per country as follows:
    In the cultivation area in the state of Styria the words ‘complete catastrophe’ have been used. About 80 per cent of the fruit harvest would be destroyed (see photo left of the news report in which firefighters remove snow from hail nets in Gleisdorf, the link is at the bottom of this article and external). During the night from Monday to Tuesday the small fruits had to endure temperatures of 2 to 6 degrees below freezing according to the Landwirtschaftskammer. Initial estimates concerning approximately 2,000 Styrian cultivators indicate €100 million Euro in damages for the fruit sector (without grapes) alone. Councillor Hans Seitinger: “This is truly a unique situation, which has not occurred in the last 50 years.”
    Whether financial support will be given to the affected growers has to be further examined. Austrian growers have broad weather insurance, but because of the high premiums not a lot of growers use it. Damages have also been reported from Burgenland, slightly more to the east, where temperatures were recorded at 3 to 4 degrees below freezing. Austria produces about 170 million kilograms of apples annually. Golden Delicious and Gala are the largest strains.
    In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, 27 April approximately 10 centimetres of snow fell in south Germany. Roofing specialist Voen made photos of cherry plantation under a net, which remained standing safely under a thick layer of snow.
    Switzerland also shows a very white image. In the region Graubunden in eastern Switzerland, which cultivates a lot of grapes, multiple braziers were used. The region also employed a helicopter to mix the different layers of air.
    The Italian agricultural organisation Coldiretti also reported that the fruit cultivation suffered damages from the weather circumstances. The increasingly often occurring results of climate change resulted in more than 14 billion Euro of damages to agriculture in the last ten years, according to Coldiretti. Last winter, Italy had the warmest winter in history. This resulted in an early development of crops.
    In Belgium, as in the Netherlands, it is mostly corn snow that is a nuisance to fruit cultivators. Night frost is not ruled out in Belgium for the coming nights.
    The NFO also received reports about frost damage from Croatia, particularly from the north on the border with Hungary and Slovenia. The photo below shows a cultivator from the region with brown apple fruits.
    Slovenia also reports damages. Temperatures, which entered the country from the eastern side, went to 4 degrees below freezing. Most damage is currently with nuts and stonefruits in eastern Slovenia, and are already called catastrophic. Apple and pear cultivation has also been hit. The low-lying areas are frozen over for 60 to 70 per cent; the higher areas less so, with several tens of percentages.
    Especially temperatures bothered fruit cultivators, and grape cultivators in particular, in France. High atmospheric humidity because of rain and snow in Burgundy (north eastern France) caused many problems for the young vines. This combination means that there are now talks of the sharpest frost since 1981. See the watering photo of the grape field.

    Reader’s comment: NFO (Nederlandse Fruittelers Organisatie) is a Dutch organisation of fruit farmers. But this news is not published by the Dutch MSM.

  3. The Minister of Finance allocates money from the Natural Disaster Fund. Publication date: 5/3/2016
    Austrian minister Rupprechter: Support after frost and snow damage.
    After the enormous snow and frost damage the affected farms will get help. “We will not let the farmers down,” states the Federal Minister of Agriculture Andrä Rupprechter.
    In a conversation with Rupprechter, the Minister of Finance Hans Jörg Schelling has promised to transfer funds from the Natural Disaster Fund. Rupprechter: “The extreme weather of the last few days has led to damages threatening the very existence of farmers in certain regions. And fast support is necessary. Therefore the Federal Ministry of Finance will cover the incurred losses with the Natural Disaster Fund in coordination with the affected states.”

  4. In Central Coast, CA the sky is never the normal saturated blue color w big white clouds. Now for a long while it’s always very pale blue, almost white and w usually completely cloudless. Two Halloweens ago a cloudburst broke a long drought on Beggar’s Night. The sky was beautifully normal w lovely clouds for 2 days until the planes w the contrails came. In 30 minutes all the clouds & deep blue sky were gone. This has happened twice more since, except they came more promptly w the contrails. Congress is talking about aerosols to diminish irradiance, so it appears they have been just doing it long before. But since a cold period is coming, won’t this make it earlier, more sudden? Shasta County Bd of Supervisors public hearing on the aerosols.

    1. Good post penelope, but you know, they only hold court cases for stuff like this for us people with foil hats who actually see it. If the people can accept a toxic genocide from the sky and eat up and destroy the planet over AGW scam, I think we are done anyway you look at it .

      1. squatterman, please don’t assume that there is something wrong w people for not noticing the sky is different. Fact is, it looks “normal” in that there were always a few days that looked dingy & hazy. It’s natural that people’s minds don’t just automatically compute, “Wait a minute, it’s been like this for months or years.” People really don’t notice. I have to admit I didn’t either– even after I saw the contrails. Until I saw that beautiful blue w coulds sky after the rain. Only then did I remember that the sky used to almost always look that way.

        Anyway, I entered the comment on Tuesday night, and the very next day the sky started to improve! I guess TPTB decided to let it rain. Wednesday was a “sort of blue” sky w the most incredible variety of mixed up clouds I’ve ever seen. Today even more blue until the increasing clouds hid it. And now it’s raining lightly. It didn’t rain at all for maybe a year before the Beggar’s Night cloudburst. As you probably know, it’s just impossible w/o clouds. I don’t know if it’s true that failure to rain in one area causes floods of rain downwind, as some people say.

        1. I know, to many have their face buried in the cell phone to look up, but it’s the people who you tell or even the ones who know it’s going on who refuse to talk more about it or look for themselves, sheeple just anger me. It took me a few years to see it to after I was told ,once you see them doing it and watch the sky all day you know what to look for. A lot if not most is done at night,I spotted 5 in a row going home one morning when the fog lifted a little early on em, looked like the big tubs they used in Viet Nam for agent orange. There was no bright sun that day with no clouds, just milky haze in the middle of a high pressure system.

    2. Probably, it will be like that B grade scifi snowpiercer . the govt does something for global warming and most of us freeze to death.

  5. It’s only worth noting if it’s a record “hot” temperature…first rule of journalism…

  6. Baseball fans in NYC are wearing winter coats-for day games.It’s 20 degrees below the averages.We’re down to 2 people in the world who still believe in global warming:Al Gore and my landlord.

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