Record cold into the Deep South – At least 10 dead

The mercury dropped to record lows overnight in many parts of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. It dropped to 21F (-6C) in New Orleans, breaking the previous record of 23F (-5C), set in 1977. In Alabama, the thermometer dropped to 7F (-14 C) in rural Lamar County, and in Maryland, the weather service warned of wind chills down to -10F (-23C).

Temperatures were expected to remain below freezing throughout the day in much of the region as electricity usage surged to record highs.

At least 8 inches of snow fell in Durham and Greensboro, North Carolina, icicles hung from statues in normally balmy New Orleans, and more than an inch of snow brought Atlanta to a near-standstill.

The beach in Biloxi, Mississippi, got a light coating of snow, parts of Alabama got at least 3 inches, and as much as 4 inches north into Virginia.


At least four people died in Louisiana, two in Georgia, one in West Virginia, two in the freezing Houston area, and one in a snowy park in Memphis where the temperature hovered around 10F.

Along the Gulf Coast, stretches of I-10 were closed in Louisiana and across Alabama’s Mobile Bay.



All this in a corner of the country ill-equipped to deal with snow, ice, and record-breaking cold.,-it’s-snow,-ice-and-record-breaking-cold

4 thoughts on “Record cold into the Deep South – At least 10 dead”

  1. hope someone can tweet this to trump
    to help him being suckered into signing the ParisIte agreement once and for all..
    be useful to find and publish the solar and wind outputs for the timeframe concerned

  2. Blame the dead people on Al Gore!
    He told those people that snow and cold would be a thing of the past 20 years ago and that it was getting hotter and hotter! Where are the palm trees in Russia and Canada, Al?

  3. Again, I ask those who “believe” in Man Made Global Warming (or any type of Man Made “climate”)… many people have died from Al Gore’s rant on Warming? How many people have died due to this “warming”?

    NOW, I ask, how many people have died simply due to the last few weeks of this ICE AGE, that is only going to get worse? How many?

    Al Gore should be arrested and tried for Murder.


    If the World’s temp would rise 2-3 degrees, we would see an explosion in LIFE, Trees, Food, Health……When the world’s temp drops 2-3 degrees, we will see BILLIONS die, animals starve by the millions, Trees die and burn, Massive Fish kills…..

    Give me Warming or Give me Death.

    • Some interesting points, but yes only a small drop in global temperatures would be horrible.

      Already we have seen crop damage across Europe in late spring, and no doubt the cold temperature will impact agriculture in the US, such as citrus crops. This damage has mostly gone unreported, but I think it has been managed!

      But potentially a continuation of such crop damage will start to manifest itself with rising costs of food.

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