Record cold in Gander, Newfoundland

Weather summary for Newfoundland issued by Environment Canada at 5:35 a.m. Wednesday 19 Oct 2016.

Gander set a daily minimum temperature record on Oct 18, 2016.

New record of -2.4 C (27.7 F)
Old record of -2.3 C (27.9 F) set in 1978
Records in this area have been kept since 1937

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  1. This is all due to ex Tropic Storm Nicole, this storm merged with an ex tropical low to the south of Greenland on Wednesday and is now parked over Green land.
    This storm system is very elongated and as well as dumping a reported 6FT of snow onto the Ice Cap, it has set up a significant “Cold” Polar Plunge as far South as Newfoundland.
    This system will generate another Low to the East of Iceland and South of Greenland and then transition into the Med moving over France as it does so. Very strong winds and heavy rain will be a feature of this system.

  2. Social media: Blizzard in Lithuania.
    On the border with the Kaliningrad region snowed.
    Lithuanian Residents inundated social networking photos blizzard.
    On the morning of October 21 in Lithuania, a few kilometers from the border with the Kaliningrad region, the snow fell. Residents of Kaunas, where the snowfall was the longest-running, literally inundated with social networking photographs of natural phenomena.
    Thus, the Lithuanians took part in the flashmob, which this week began the Russians living in the middle lane. Recall that in Moscow the first snow fell yesterday. Then snowfall took place in Chelyabinsk and Izhevsk. But Samara snow appeared on October 17, at the same time it was observed in Blagoveshchensk and in the capital of Kazakhstan.
    According to the Hydrometeorological, Kaliningrad in the snow is not expected, however, the lack of rainfall will not be – we expect rain.

    Kaunas has reached the first snow. On Friday at noon in social networks strewn greetings with the first snow. Also read: cyclone will bring autumnal rigor 15min journalist Raimonda Mikalčiūtė-Urbonė recorded the first snowfall in Kaunas. “It’s snowing 11 hours.”

    First snowflakes Lithuania – sign arrange car
    On Friday, in the first half of the day in the central part of the country dropped out of the first snow of autumn. As reported readers from Kaunas, sparse sleet began to fall from the sky as far as the 11 o’clock in the morning and bleached streets of the city.
    It is true that the snow stays longer – encouraging low temperatures is not yet sufficiently low, and falling from the sky and the rain drops it quite quickly dissolves.
    Trees are felled first snow police points out that care must be taken not only glass scrapers, but it is very important in time to change the car ‘footwear.

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