4 thoughts on “Record cold in Geneva”

  1. some days I wish I was a bookie:-)
    weve had masses of the “warmest April globally EVAH” spin
    now with huge swathes of europe china and ussa copping well belw avg and snow etc
    lets see how that STILLL manage to rave up warming
    suddenly STFU completely rather then tell the Truth

  2. The temperature for any given day will nearly always be colder or warmer than “normal”, which simply means “average”. That’s how an average temp is calculated, adding all the warm and cool temps and dividing by the number of days. Stands to reason a lot of days are going to be “cooler than normal”.

    Cooler than normal months are more impressive, because the sustained number of cooler than normal days for 30 days is usually a sign of something unusual happening.

  3. Strange in what will the warmest year evah. I note that during last year there were comments on WUWT pointing out that more low temp records had been set over the US than high records. This could be lowest temp recorded for that date or even the lowest maximum for that date. I guess the fiddling process just removed these and with the Karlised sea temps added so that a thermometer in a bucket is more accurate than an Argo buoy – voila one warmest year evah just in time for COP21.

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