Record cold in Greenland – Smashes previous record

Minus  33°C ( -27.4°F) at Summit, Greenland.  The coldest July temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere, says Tony Heller.

How much ice do you think is melting at -33°C?

4 July 2017  – The new record of -33C ( -27.4°F) smashes the old record of -30.7°C (-23.26°F).

“Climate experts immediately responded to the record cold by saying Greenland is melting faster than expected at -33C,” says Heller.

The North Atlantic is also colder than normal

Thanks to Flemming Kjemtrup Sørensen, Kenneth Lund, Sir Vancelot von Raab, Glenn Cuthbert, Jim S. and Dean Koehler for these links

7 thoughts on “Record cold in Greenland – Smashes previous record”

  1. What’s the betting the area “melting”, or even ice flowing quicker to the sea are rift faults and subject to basalt heating after all, the mid Atlantic rift though Iceland is having a major uptick in magma activity and parts of Greenland are connected to the same rift system.
    Guess what is connected to the other end of the Atlantic rift system, the Western portion of Antarctica, the other very cold place where Ice is flowing and then melting in the Ocean, yet the mass of ice is increasing by more than that which is lost.

  2. This is what dumbfounds me. That there are people who yell at us saying we are science deniers, yet they think these seriously negative temperatures can melt ice.

    Something psychological is going on in the ‘modern’ liberal mind. A belief system has taken hold with tyrannical enforcements.

    • its called cognitive dissonance
      you can show them items like this
      the brainwashing for many started young and others never were bright to begin with science wise
      they keep insisting its melting cos the goracle says so.
      lost cause/sheepies

  3. how to combine all messages of records of cold and records of warm? When the north atlantic is colder then ‘normal’, at least the weather in northern EU will change one day, but when? As written in a song: it’s blowing in the wind.

  4. Greenland is experiencing all-time record ice growth – don’t forget. With -27 F, it grows even faster.

    • The so-called climate “scientists” I(I use the term loosely) will simply discount the temperature for the outside and substitute it with data collected on board the Rainbow Warrior..inside the cabin. That should fudge -33C to + 25C in an instant. They already did that for the Norwegian data where two out of three measurements disagreed with what the temperature was supposed to be so they deleted them After all if you can chop out a few hundred years of data to make a hockey stick what is a few temperature measurements between friends eh!! The biggest hoax every inflicted on humanity. Their house is starting to crumble.

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