Record Cold Headed For U.S. Midwest, East

“Could spell peril for blossoming fruit trees and shrubs from parts of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys as well as portions of the Northeast,” says This includes apple, pear, plum, cherry and peach varieties.

26 Mar 2016 – The intense cold is also likely to trigger unusually heavy lake-effect snow for April immediately south and east of the Great Lakes, says Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

Beginning Sunday, Sosnowski expects nighttime temperatures to drop to freezing as far south as the Tennessee Valley, and into the single digits at times in parts of the Upper Midwest and northern Plains.

Temperatures will average 15-30 degrees Fahrenheit below normal.

See entire forecast:

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    • you piqued my curiousity
      so I went to read them for a laugh
      well maybe its because im in Australia
      but theres NO comment section I can see or access
      they do have comment listed but no tabs nothing to get TO it.

      • Laurel, it’s not worth your time anyway. For people commenting on a weather site smarts are low, msm mentality. No mention of sun or solar min, and a lot making fun at cold. It seems to me most of the 30 and under have been scammed so much they now look at everything as a scam and research is too. Makes us commenters here look smart for just being aware and learning. And a special thanks to Robert for not posting garbage and not wasting our time .

  1. 🙁 My peach and apricot trees are in full bloom now in the NC mountains. This is about three weeks early, but the warm weather has them fooled and I can’t reason with them at all. At least the apples aren’t showing yet. This may be the third year in the last ten with no peaches.

    • so your trees dont try n rebloom?
      ive, in the past had them flower early get knocked around and have another go later.
      maybe throw some animal manure around to help them feel happier n try again?

    • Roughly what part of WNC?
      I will soon be in the southern end, near Dupont Forest.
      Next weekend’s lows were initially forecast to break freezing, but I’m now seeing upper 30s instead. We’ll see. They could easily revise them back.
      I’m looking at that more southern area precisely because I want a better chance of success with fruit trees.

  2. Speaking of cold events in this document it points out that the Younger Dryas ended 11,600 years ago. We may be closer to a major glaciation than we think given that inter glacial ‘s tend to last an average of 11,500 years. Just something to keep in mind. There is a down loadable PDF file on the right hand side of the page.

    What Caused the Younger Dryas Cold Event?
    Anders E. Carlson

  3. I always suggest using the word average when referring to any meteorological data, not “normal. While it is accurate in a statistical sense it often conveys a different slant. This weather is just not normal. Well it rarely is. If you get my meaning.

  4. Cold is coming to Russia, too.
    Warning announced in the Nizhny Novgorod region due to heavy snowfall.
    Nizhny Novgorod. 26 March. Heavy snow is expected in the Nizhny Novgorod region on March 26. Warning of the potential for disaster in the region press service of EMERCOM of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod region.
    According FGBI “Upper Volga UGMS” places in the daytime are expected heavy precipitation in the form of snow, sleet and rain on March 26.
    In addition, sometimes a blizzard is expected, and some gusts of the northeast winds up to 14 m / s. On icy roads.
    In connection with this predicted likelihood of disaster-related damage to power lines and communication lines, disturbances in the utilities and energy facilities, caving slaboukreplennyh, large-format designs and dilapidated, falling trees with a weak root system.

    Blizzard coming to Nizhny Novgorod Region

    Emergency warning due to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions extended the CMC EMERCOM of Russia on Friday evening, March 25.
    Rescuers link to the weather forecast. Meteorologists reported that in the next 1-3 hours in the Nizhny Novgorod region are expected: a blizzard, heavy snow, sleet, ice. The individual impulses of the north-east wind can reach 14 meters per second. And because of the differential temperature is not excluded wet snow.
    Employees of Ministry of Emergency Situations warned of possible breakage of transmission lines, collapses slaboukreplennyh and dilapidated structures, as well as falling trees.
    It is also a high probability of falling icicles and snow from roofs. It is not excluded deformation and collapse of roofs and structures.
    Residents of the region is recommended, if possible, not to use private transport, car park away from trees and slaboukreplennyh designs. Also, rescuers are advised to pay attention to the wiring of power lines, electric catenary. When a break is necessary to apply to the district administration.
    If the weather would find on the road, it is necessary to apply the alarm intermittent beeps, hang a bright cloth to the antenna, and the engine can be left on. In this case, it must be remembered ventilation. Therefore it is necessary to lift the glass, not to be poisoned by exhaust fumes.

  5. India: Army rescue mission continues, distributes amenities.
    27/03/2016. Rising Kashmir News, Kupwara/ Tangmarg:
    “Undeterred by the inclement weather and heavy snowfall, Army at frontier district Kupwara again came to the rescue of 64 stranded passengers including women and children at the Nasta Chhun Pass,” Army statement said.
    “On 24 March 16 in late hours, 10 light vehicle carrying 64 civilians and 12 load carriers were caught in deep snow and raging snow blizzard near Nasta Chun Pass endangering the lives of the commuters. The army detachment at Nasta Chun Pass received the SOS call at 2200 hours from the stranded civilians and the Avalanche Rescue Team from Nasta Chun Pass was immediately sprung into action to provide assistance to the stranded civilians,” Army statement said, adding, “The team reached the incident site despite strong snow blizzards and rescued all the civilians.”
    Army said the stranded vehicles were provided a safe track by manually clearing the snow. The rescue operation was again launched in the early hours to pull out twelve heavily loaded trucks using dozer of GREF.
    In a separate statement Army said in a distinct initiative, Army based at Ziran, organised a distribution event ‘Roshan-e- Mustakbil’ at Army Camp Ziran, where in solar lamps and sports kits were distributed to the locals of Tangmarg, today.
    “Brig Jagdeep Singh and MLA from Tangmarg Abbas Wani along with various dignitaries from Chinar Corps and Civil administration were present during the function,” statement said, adding, “The event unfolded with the welcome song by student of AGHS, Ziran and welcome speech giving out details of the ceremony.”

    Kargil residents stranded in Jmu, Sgr demand airlifting .
    27/03/2016. Sajjad Kargili, Kargil:
    Thousands of Kargil bound passengers in Srinagar and Jammu have been stranded after heavy snowfall in Kargil district.
    The Srinagar-Leh road again closed after it was opened in the first week of March after remaining closed for three months.
    The administration stranded passengers said has failed to facilitate the stranded passengers.
    They said many patients are still waiting for AN32 Service in Jammu and Srinagar.
    Stranded passengers told Rising Kashmir if the administration had allowed traffic to run between 5 to 15 March then the passengers would not have been stranded in Srinagar and Jammu.
    J&K Legislative Council Chairman Haji Anayat Ali and MLA Kargil Asgar Karbalai had earlier demanded that IL76 army aircraft may be put in service to ferry the stranded passengers from Jammu to Leh and from Srinagar to Leh.
    In response to that Government of India had managed C-17 Indian Air Force aircraft to lift stranded passengers but the passengers said the arrangements need to be made on a larger scale.

  6. The US winter has been different this year due to the effect of the 2015-16 El-Nino that effect is now changing into a La-Nena and should be complete by the US fall.

    The US North East may well find that winter drags on till May

    • Time to get one of those larger nursery and grow lot of vegetables and start now. no time to waste!

  7. Uh huh. Shouldn’t cold weather in the Spring have become a thing of the past by now? After all, winter snow was supposed to have become a thing of the past, and the ski areas were supposed to have gone out of business several years ago, I believe.

  8. Robert- I believe one of the commenters earlier this year linked the El Nino with the jet stream looping way north over the Midwest, thus our incredibly mild winter.

    Now it has turned chilly in Missouri, and April looks to be cooler than February!

    Here is an article on the fading El Nino, so I guess it was linked to the jet stream.

    Thank God! I wasn’t looking forward to a summer 20-30 degrees hotter than normal!

    • “…wind plants can now deliver 5% or more of US electricity WHEN THE WIND BLOWS” (my upper case). Thanks for the link.

  9. Yet we have many Headlines “2016 set to be hottest year on record”.

    Anyone else notice that the Coolest Weather seems to match the maps of the Ice Ages? Goes along the 49th parallel then about mid way across dips far South. Wonder what the map of the Little Ice Age that ended in 1850 looked like?

  10. Arl-

    That’s an interesting site. After a thorough exploration of the Western climate during the last Ice Age (very interesting!), they throw a lukewarm bone at the end to the AGW crowd:

    “Given the prospect of continued global warming, there is no chance that this ancient weather pattern will return in foreseeable future.”

    Guess they didn’t want to lose their funding, but they are certainly not global warming proselytizers.

    • That was exactly my interpretation, too. I am wondering if the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge off the PNW, as it comes and goes, may be one of those signs of changes to come.

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