Record Cold Headed for U.S. Midwest and East

“January-like Cold” in Wake of Blizzard

“Frigid air will pour in across the Midwest, South and mid-Atlantic into Wednesday,” warns Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist with

The “unusually cold air for late March” will challenge record low temperatures Wednesday morning in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

(Yes, I guess record cold could qualify as “unusually cold air.”)

Freezing temperatures will also dip into the Deep South Wednesday morning, including Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and northern Florida, causing damage to some tender plants and blossoms.

“January-like Cold”

January-like cold will persist across the Midwest and East through the middle of this week, agrees Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist with

Temperatures will average 15-30 F below normal in many locations including North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York City and Boston.

The cold could force cancellation or postponement of some sporting events.

2 thoughts on “Record Cold Headed for U.S. Midwest and East”

  1. Funny how when it’s even a *mild* heatwave they will make it seem like a big deal but if it’s a cold spell of any sorts they will do their best to downplay it if mentioned at all.

    In the *Bush* days this kind of cold would be all over the news and non stop footage of it showing drivers from Florida sliding all over the place from going to fast looking like fools.

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