Record cold in Alaska – You know, that place that’s always super hot

Coldest December temperature on record. Not just for the day, but for the entire month.

The temperature in Bettles, Alaska, dropped to -60°F on Friday (Dec 27). That’s the coldest December temperature on record ever in Bettles, tied with Dec 15, 1946.

The -65° at Manley Hot Springs this (Sat.) morning is the coldest temperature in Alaska since a -66° at Fort Yukon in 2012.

Thanks to Ryan for this link

“Also a hurricane blizzard on the Great Lakes north of Michigan that everyone failed to mention,” says Ryan. “22 foot waves.”

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  2. This was the article that Ryan Maue posted and Dave Tolleris attacked him him over.Dave seems to have alot of issues of people disagreeing and questioning human induce global warming and tends to go with name calling and attacks on everyone so stay clear from

    • Carlin was a brilliant comedian and astute observer of human behavior. It’s a shame so many only know of him for his “seven words you can’t say on TV” skit because he was an intellectually honest individual.

  3. The weather station at the Jim River might have recorded a new record below -80F,but the battery died from the cold at -79F.

  4. better get the poley bears some jumpers;-)
    guess the melting permafrost etc isnt an issue any more?
    hows the shipping damage with waves like that on the lakes I wonder?

  5. 2019 ended with polar stratospheric clouds and 281 days without sunspots according to .
    2020 starts out with a spotless sun. It could be a long winter.

  6. No sign of anything remotely cold apart from a brief spell of polar maritime in a few days time then back to the persistent mild here in the UK.

  7. Aye , Paul we’ve had two record warm December days in northern Scotland, and it looks like another Atlantic weather kind of winter. A treacherous spring often follows this kind of winter

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    • Thanks for a good explanation Deb. You are correct: I have no control over what ads appear on anyone’s computer. Google tries to match the ads with what appears to them to be the reader’s interests.

  9. Aljazeera caption just now: “Much of Alaska seeing extreme weather conditions with damaging winds”. No mention of sn..w or c…ld. This morning’s weather forecast is in a new format. Continents shown light-grey. Previously areas with expected snow was conspicuously white.

  10. Paul…….the wind is from the south over the UK.Air is being dragged up from below the Azores,so it’s bound to be mild.
    It can change in a short time.
    The High is over south-central Europe presently. So not a bad winter.
    A polar vortex High Pressure coming south over southern Sweden would change it all. It would feed in easterlies to the UK..Let’s see how this winter turns out.
    The long range forecast in November predicted below normal winter temps, but long-range forecasts are often wrong in UK.

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    He told me the same thing once about the elite. That people are generally too stupid and screwed up to run the whole world. He may have a point!

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