Record cold in Alaska’s northernmost town

First time in recorded history that Utqiagvik (formerly known as Barrow) saw a low of minus 20 (-28.9C) this late in the season.

Utqiagvik (Barrow) Alaska -Sea ice cam – Courtesy University of Alaska Fairbanks

While most of the state is blossoming into spring, areas north of the Brooks Range have still been dealing with cold and blizzard conditions. Early Wednesday morning Utqiagvik saw the thermometer fall to minus 20F, beating the previous record of -19F set back in 1973. It is the first time in recorded history that Utqiagvik saw a low of minus 20 this late in the season.

Utqiagvik, northernmost town in the United States, is the largest city in Alaska’s North Slope Borough and is located north of the Arctic Circle.

Probably not very much ice will be melting at 20 degrees below zero.

Thanks to Stephen Potter for this link

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