Record cold in Australia

29 Aug 2018 – Melbourne, the Victorian capital, broke the cold record yesterday with a low of 1.9 degrees.  At 0.8 degrees, this morning was even colder.

Alpine, and inland areas of the state were even cooler. With a temperature of -2.0 degrees, Tullamarine saw its coldest low in 32 years, while Mount Hotham shivered through -9.8, Falls Creek reached -9.6 and Yarrawonga -5.2.

In New South Wales, Sydney recording its coldest August night in 21 years at 4.6 degrees.

Perisher was this morning the coldest it has been in Australia, in six years. The temperature reached -14.2.

Elsewhere in the state, Deniliquin reached -4.1 degrees and Wagga Wagga had its coldest August start in 19 years.

A frost warning was issued for the entire state of Victoria overnight, with the Bureau of Meteorology warning of “severe” frost for some districts.

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  1. It was colder than that. I live in Melbourne.
    The temperature was minus 1.7 degrees where I live.
    The day before it was minus 0.9 degrees.

    They are the two coldest consecutive days below zero since the 1950’s – for this time of year.

    Even the Greens were bleating the cold. They admitted that the Urban Heat Influence of the environs of Melbourne should have overcome in below zero temperatures.

    Of course we are talking adjusted figures here. I’m old enough to remember more than 50 years ago going to school with frost everywhere and many below zero temperature days.
    One day in the nineteen fifties my father showed me a bucket outside his garage. The water in it had frozen solid. There was two inches of ice in the bucket. You need well sub zero temperatures to cause that.

    • I remember the large still pools of Enoggera Creek at the Gap where I lived in the 60’sand 70’s freezing over regularly in July most years from 63 to 69 and occasionally during the 70’s.

      The Gap is a suburb of Brisbane a few kilometres from the ocean and ~27° S of the equator – roughly equivalent to Miami in the US.

      Now THEY were cold winters.

  2. Holland , Australian antipode , made this morning a good start into
    the autumn-winterseason by a measurement of minus 0,4 degrees Celsius on the ground in the eastern part of Holland ( twente ) . Of course for the MSM this a non-event as we may expect more in the near future .

  3. It should be noted that these temperatures are in Celsius, meaning that 0 is freezing, or 32F. Even so, these are pretty cold temperatures for Australia.

  4. overnight in the wimmera(lower sth east Vic) it was 0.1c and i ran out of firewood on friday;-(
    just looked at the avgs and we are 3.1c BELOW the avg temps for cold and near that for highs as well
    do we hear anything?
    not a bloody peep
    but if it was even HALF a degree warmer theyd have articles all over the place .
    when i heard Melbs tmp was 2c at 9 am thurs? last week i knew why Id slept badly and was aching, cos its colder out here in thebush
    during the day on fri it didnt get over 9c until a slight warmer wind in front of a cold change hit
    it jumped to a huge….not! 10c at 5pm

    • Laurel
      I couldn’t believe your figures, so looked up monthly figures for Horsham. July was slightly warmer than average, August ever so slightly cooler. Nothing like your 3 degrees colder.

  5. Some months ago the claim made of record cold in Australia at the time rang hollow to me. It wasn’t that cold compared to the 60’s and 70’s. I said so at the time.

    However, since then we have experienced a late winter period where the air masses moving across Australia have been from the Antarctic and accordingly Australia has experienced some cold weather – maybe not cold by northern hemisphere standards but cold for here.

    @Dumdum – “Nobody? Really? Humanity is so screwed it’s actually funny.”

    How exactly ?

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