Record cold in Canberra – Kangaroos starving

“Mobs of kangaroos take to streets of Australia’s capital over food shortages,” reads CNN headline.

“Canberra is experiencing a perfect storm of hardship for its kangaroos,” says Australian Capital Territory Parks and Conservation Service Director Daniel Iglesias. “New records have been set in Canberra for very cold, frosty nights this winter.”

Gold Creek Country Club

“Sports ovals, suburban yards, schoolyards and roadsides are the few places offering any green grass at all in Canberra at the moment and they act as magnets for kangaroos,” said Iglesias.

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for this link

“I’ve heard nothing about this being an exceptionally cold winter in Canberra or elsewhere in Australia,” says H.B. “Wonder why that is.”

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  1. maybe my comment went away before, japan had massive floodings and over 200 dead and millions homeless

    not anything from the news here

    but they mentioned that japan had a heatwave

    media bias much?

  2. There have been some cold nights in Canberra recently but with the BBC forecasting highs of 13-16C this week in the capital, it doesn’t seem that cold.

    • If one looks for average temperature data for Canberra one discovers the average maximum temperature for July is 11.5°C

      So Canberra regularly reaches mid teens daytime temperatures in June, July and August – nothing out of the ordinary there especially on clear days.

      My opinion is this winter has been colder than recent winters – right on cue for solar minimum – but is not exceptionally cold by historical standards.

      The 60’s and 70’s were far colder than the present.

      Look at the data in the table to observe why our weather bureau cannot really draw any relevant comparisons.

      The Canberra station referenced ran from 1974 to 1988 – a mere 14 years of data before it was closed and relocated. Before 1974 it was somewhere else.

      This has happened with most BOM weather stations so there is no continuous weather record data anywhere in Australia.

      As for the kangaroos there are smart enough to recognise the heat island effect and the watered lawns and golf courses, parks etc where the grass is greener.

    • Forecasts are routinely 6-10 degrees above actual temperatures recorded by private citizens. It’s a lie.

  3. yeah nothing really severe ive heard about either
    of course the pollies ARE a bit “pweciousn fragile” little petals;-)
    the damned roos are everywhere in plague proportions
    and the idiots in animal lib wanna “rescue them”
    not sure where the hell they think they can remove em to?
    or if they realise trying to catch n trap a roo alive is most likely to kill it from stress?
    theyre like deer they have weird muscle reponses to stress which causes the muscles to break down and they keel over and die a nasty death from their own bodys toxin buildup they cant flush from the system fast enough.
    SOTTnet has some pics of around 1kroos in a farmers passock!
    his animals were doing it tough
    then the roos come in and strip every last speck
    but the greentrds will tell you it was the sheep that ate the roos food
    not if its behind a bloody fence! with megascrubland right on the other side it isnt theirs.;-)
    the trouble you have to go to to get a licence to shoot a roo on your own land is outrageous!
    then if you miss you have to hunt the wounded one down before you kill any more..most shooters dont miss but you cant help the odd missed headshot..the laws are made by idiots who dont have any idea of the conditions on real farmland or proper bush/scrub.

  4. Its not only the cold frosty nights, its the drought in NSW, some are reporting worse than the federation drought, or 1902 drought.
    There is no feed for cattle in NSW or parts of Queensland, transporting hay for cattle 1000’s of miles from South Australia at present, govt helping fund, along with volunteer drought assistance hay drives and raising funds, to try and keep farmers breeding cattle alive, so sad to see cattle just dying for lack of food.

  5. Record or near record cold is not reported by the far Left and taxpayer funded (A$1.2 billion pa) ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

    This morning (1/8/18) ABC radio was including in its national news a report that by year 2100 temperatures in China would be causing the deaths of anyone who sat in the shade for 6 hours. Not 5 hours, not 7 hours but 6 hours.
    This sort of ratbaggery is standard fare for the ABC.

    “Climate change”, anti-Donald Trump and pro-immigration (“refugees” and “asylum seekers”) form the backbone of most ABC news bulletins.

  6. Droughts are caused by COOLING not warming. Cooler atmosphere has less precipitation..less rainfall. Lets get it straight..Also for the “heatwaves are from warming” alarmists, heatwaves are caused by trapped High pressure systems (Atmospheric physics ref 1983). period. not warming. This is true of the recent hot weather in the UK look at the maps on

  7. There is no shortage of kangaroos. Tens of millions of them.
    C.S.I.R.O. satellite estimates indicate in excess of 150 million.

    Kangaroos are refugees. They go where the feed is. They don’t go back to where they came from when droughts lift.

    Those kangaroos in Canberra will need to be culled – they will not be going away by themselves.
    Their area where they originally came from will be repopulated by other new born kangaroos.

    Kangaroo females fall pregnant and have the ability to keep the fetus stored in there womb until enough feed comes along to support the newborn joey. They can store the fetus for many years.

  8. Whats even more worrying, is yesterday it was finally reported that NSW crops have failed as well, the farmers will get little or no harvest, and that we are already here in Australia importing wheat for cattle feed, WHAT!!!!!.
    Just to add to the pain, apparently the stored hay in Australia is starting the run short, and even with all the money in the world, hay is just not available.

    And that if this drought continues the lack of crops will start to impact on prices in the supermarket, what have you been telling us for years Robert.
    I thought I would then check on the American crops, NOT PRETTY, may not be complete failure, but not looking good either, and if a second year of the same occurs, well then we are in for a lot of expense and pain.

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