Record cold in Essen, Germany

Also, heavy snowfall completely paralyzed train traffic at Leipzig Central Station, Leipzig’s main station on Saturday.

The winter comeback has also helped Essen set a new negative record in temperature. Since the beginning of  weather record there has been no other March 17 as cold as on March 17, 2018, according to the German Weather Service in Essen. The previous record high for the date of 0.3 degrees was set in 1985. “We will probably not reach over it during the day,” said a spokesman on Saturday morning when the temperature stood at -4 degrees.

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  1. This could actually be a wonderful opportunity. Hopefully all their newly acquired migrants will get pissed off with the weather & go home!

  2. Winter collided with spring. *

    In the atmosphere there are such synoptic situations, when the arctic cold encounters heat from the subtropics. Each such event is accompanied by an increase in the contrasts of temperature, the aggravation of atmospheric fronts and, as a consequence, a complex of unfavorable weather phenomena.

    If you look at the daytime temperature map on March 18, 2018, then so it is: in the south of Russia – spring (up to +20), and in the middle latitudes and in the north – a full-scale winter frost (-10 to -20). It is curious that each of these temperature limits turned out to be a record! So in Vladimir and Tula, absolute night temperature minima for this day (-24.0 and -19.8, respectively) were updated, while in Yalta, Krasnodar and Vladikavkaz, heat records (from +23 to +25) were set.

    As can be seen from the map, the language of the Arctic cold spread along the ultrapolar trajectory – from the northeast (from the Kara Sea) to the southwest (to Central Europe). In these March days it was frosty in Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Snow and winter slipperiness returned to the roads of Central Europe.

    A long stretch of ice covered it stretches from Romania through Moldova, Ukraine to the south of Russia.

    Even France and Great Britain are covered with snow. In Paris, March 19, recorded 3 cm of freshly fallen snow.
    In Chisinau this day, the height of the snow cover has become the largest since the beginning of winter (10 cm)!
    (Snow figure)

    By the Russian Black Earth and the Volga region, March blizzards rang out. Almost everywhere snowdrifts have updated seasonal highs. For example, in Samara the height of the snow cover has increased to 72 cm!
    *In Russia March, April, May are spring months

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