Record Cold in France – Coldest August 30 on record for the 3rd time in 9 years

“France Breaks Monthly Cold Record,” says the headline on However, if I’m reading the actual article correctly, I think it was a daily record rather than a monthly record.

Even so, it still broke the August 30 cold record for the third time in 9 years.

Is this the beginning of a trend in Brest-Guipavas?

Here’s the Google translation of the article:

“A monthly cold record has just been broken in Brest-Guipavas in Northwest France, where a minimum temperature of 5.8 ° C (42.4F) was recorded.” The previous record dated from August 30, 2018 with 6.4 ° C, which beat that of August 30, 2011 when it had been 6.6 ° C.

“The station is located at Brest-Guipavas airport.”

Meanwhile, the UK  just suffered-through one of it coldest August Bank Holiday weekends ever recorded, the Alps and Pyrenees recently received heavy summer snow.

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3 thoughts on “Record Cold in France – Coldest August 30 on record for the 3rd time in 9 years”

  1. Yes, record for 30 August not August as a whole. Electroverse picked this up a few days ago and included a warning that another cold plunge was looking likely for next week. This could see September records broken.

    The UK just avoided setting new cold records last weekend but a newspaper article – possibly online only – featured people turning their heating on in August, a summer month.

  2. And yet the USA isn’t having any cold and is still very hot.So unless both sides of the Atlantic are having anomalous cold temperatures i won’t be bracing myself for an ice age.

  3. I looked at the forecast today (Saturday, 5SEP2020) for Denver, CO and noticed an extreme drop in temperature coming up.

    On Labor Day, 7SEP02020, the high temperature is expected to be 91 degrees F. On Tuesday, 8SEP2020, the high is expected to be 37 degrees F and the low will be 27 degrees F with 4.1 inches of snow on the ground.

    The following days are forecast to be 52 degrees F, then 65, 79, and 83.

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