Record cold in Kentucky

Some areas as much as 20°F below normal.

Bowling Green shatters old record for record-cold max temperature.

Record-cold highs-Kentucky-3Oct15


Note that all three previous records were set in 1974.

Thanks to Kingbum for this link

2 thoughts on “Record cold in Kentucky

  1. So I’m walking in the rain,
    Thumbing for a ride
    On this lonely Kentucky backroad
    I’ve loved you much too long
    And my love’s too strong
    To let you go, never knowing
    What went wrong
    Kentucky rain keeps pouring down
    And up ahead’s another town
    That I’ll go walking thru
    With the rain in my shoes,
    Searchin for you
    In the cold Kentucky rain,
    In the cold Kentucky rain

  2. apt song 😉
    at least it will keep the bluegrass blue for them,
    down here in aus weve just copped a heat splat
    and no rain prior
    soooo a lot of the crops we might have had just took a beating with a day or so more heat expected and no rain in sight;-(

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