Record cold in Moscow

First time ever to drop below zero on June 1 – “It is noteworthy that this happened on the first day of the calendar summer.”

The first summer night in the capital region was very cold, with the minimum temp at a number of stations in Moscow and the Moscow region breaking previous records.

Even in the center of the capital, the temperature dropped to 6.5ºC as opposed to the previous record of 6.6ºC, which was the coldest night since 1948, and near Moscow State University the temperature dropped to 5.5ºC. The coldest temperature in the last 80 years was at the TCAA station, 4.5ºC.

Bragging rights go to Cherusti in the suburbs, where the mercury dropped to a record -1.7ºC.

Until this year, on June 1, the minimum air temperature at any of the meteorological stations was not negative!

Record cold on the night of June 1 was also in Istra and Volokolamsk.
Snow and frosts in the Volga region – At the beginning of summer.

Arctic air has spread to the entire ETR in the area of ​​Novaya Zemlya where nocturnal frosts and snow were noted.

“It is noteworthy that this happened on the first day of the calendar summer.”

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12 thoughts on “Record cold in Moscow”

  1. Mother nature keeps poking us in the ribs but we are reluctant to take notice. Another LIA won’t be so horrendous at first but if this is a big one…well. It’ll seem like mankind has been hit by a train.

  2. OT.
    I note that Japanese Meteorological Agency Corrects Antarctic’s Long-Term Sea Ice Growth Trend Upwards. Couple this with the latest Greenland and Arctic ice recent increases and as the article says

    When looking at the annual linear mean trend of both the Arctic and Antarctic and combine them, then we have a total annual mean of about 24.2 million square kilometers back in 1980.
    And when we look at 2017, we see a combined mean amount of about 22.7 million square kilometers, which is about 1.5 million sq km less than 1980 – or roughly 7% less. This is within the range of natural variability.

    Return to the weather of the 1970-1980 or colder?
    Is it just me or is a cooling now off and running ?
    And the UN still wants ‘action’ from Paris signatory nations by 2030, by then we may well be deep into more than just debt.

  3. email from a mate in Russia this evening said;
    The first day of summer: snow fell in Ufa and Kazan, heating was switched on in Yekaterinburg
    And you think you are having a dismal beginning of summer………..???

    he lives in Ufa and isnt happy

  4. This is outstanding to get negative temperatures during early summer (summer!) a few kilometers away from Moscow. Climate change is blamed on humans so hard, but what can you say about this (record low temperatures)? Moscow has a population of about 12 million with millions of vehicles polluting and warming the air, but still record low temperatures!

  5. Russia is about to enter the global spotlight, World Cup kicks off very soon, places no-one has ever heard of will be in the news, let’s see what the weather is going to be like, colder conditions will favour the teams from many countries … like England!

  6. This is how ice ages begin! Snow and cold in summer after record cold and snow in winter.

  7. It’s been record warm here in sweden 30c a few days in may

    I bet climate alarmists are fapping over this

  8. Shouldnt it be obvious by now that when you look up into the sky on a normal day you no longer see a deep blue sky or yellow Sun? That would be the Sun’s changing luminmance and the double whammy of increased aerosols in the upper atmosphere from the increase in volcanism around the planet. You dont see anyone comparing the watt per square meter output of the Sun at Earths surface at sea level from say 1975 vs today do you? Wonder why?

  9. it is record cold vs record warm. So, worldwide the average will remain the same, I guess. Maybe it is just like stockmarket: high volatility in weather conditions is a sign of a change

  10. The extent of the Laurentide ice sheet has been well studied and covered but I see a dearth of cover of how Ice ages do the nasty on Russia. The permafrost persists but I suspect a good part of Asia was under a kilometre of ice 20,000 years ago. Even parts of China.
    The Ice Age so I am told, sets in suddenly due to an action termed the ‘flip flop’ effect, not a gradual cooling we can easily adapt to.
    I saw a taste of this last March where a very bad ‘Beast from the East’ hit me and I thought it was just papers like the Daily Mail and Daily Express doing their usual. Shops saw panic buying and shelves emptied and that frightened me worse than the snow. I am seriously asking myself what a big freeze can do, ie a serious snowfall late November that hangs around till early March. The UK is not able to survive such a freeze. The gas and lectric would go out. So would the internet and ability to draw out money from cash dispensers.
    I live in London and I think I would be safer in rural Scotland and it has nothing to do with whisky.

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