Record cold in North Dakota

Coldest April 14 in AT LEAST 102 years!

Thanks to Don Wilkening for this info

6 thoughts on “Record cold in North Dakota”

  1. quite a large part of the nth hemisphere seems to be way below normal icy frosty and snowy
    isnt it odd
    not a bloody word on any media about it at all…
    warmists trying to push the green new deal linked to corona as a good thing , fror “culling the herd/lowering emissions”are going to be severely embarrassed if not beaten physically by angry citizens I hazard a guess

  2. The last three mornings we had 9 degrees on April 13th, 5 degrees on April 14th and 13 degrees on April 15th here in Parshall North Dakota.

  3. Wave 2 of the SHTF-Tsunami

    CO2 taint the prob anymore – Grumpy Grinch gets fired (virus contaminated money, oh no) (Kurt Nimmo)

    Chinese Government Foreknowledge? Drill for Coronavirus 30 Days Before Wuhan Military Games

    The Chinese Government ran a drill or exercise on September 18th, 2019, in Wuhan, where they simulated a response for … a novel coronavirus strain! What are the chances of the Chinese authorities randomly choosing to practice for a coronavirus entering their country, given the thousands of pathogens and diseases they could have practiced for? (if you can handle the truth)

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