Record cold in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently in the grip of severe cold wave, with the mercury on Sunday, Dec 29 plunging to record-breaking -21C (-5.8F) in Skardu — a city located the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to local reports, the small canals and ponds in Skardu have been frozen due to the severe low temperature, while snowfall has also blocked many main roads and passes.

Intensifying swings-in-extremes are in the weather forecast globally, for all of us, as historically low solar activity continues to weaken the jet stream, reverting its usual tight zonal flow to more of a wavy meridion alone:

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2 thoughts on “Record cold in Pakistan”

  1. Nearly every severe winter in Britain over the past century was due to a shift in the jet stream and it was very serious for the elderly, livestock including sheep on the hills which got buried in snow, and most of us trying just to get to work when all the buses and trains have been cancelled. Children love the snow but us grown ups find it disruptive in the extreme.
    I am happy to post from my nice new year party in my local pub. I’ll try not to drink too much LOL.
    Most Xmas and early Januarys weather is rainy but nothing serious. We were saved by a jet stream that flew by closer to Iceland LOL.
    Happy new year and I shall raise my glass and make a toast this fine Hogmanay.
    To the Queen (and of course Rabbie Burns LOL).
    Bottoms up!

  2. IS OUR WEATHER CONTROLLED? When will people realise that our WINTER WEATHER in the UK is very often ARTIFICIAL? The UK being a small country, it is very easy for those who are really in Power to SWITCH on their Weather machine which is situated in WALES, and then the JET-STREAM is forced north of the UK. Take the time to look at a map of the entire world right now. Look at the LATITUDE of the UK in comparison to all the other countries situated on the same latitude. You immediately will notice that it is cold and snowying everywhere with the exception of the UK. We have artificial weather. However those in control cannot afford to keep these HAARP WEATHER machines on for too long. Here is how it works. In 2018, they did the same thing with the WEATHER MACHINES. At the time I predicted that when they switched off the machine that there would be a backlash by nature itself. At the end of February 2018 we had the Beast from the East. I think it is only a matter of time until eventually the weather machines worldwide, are overcome by the sheer force of nature in an approaching mini-ice-age. I hope that I am wrong as I agree mild is best, but in winter maybe it is better to just let the weather be cold and snowy and not interfere with it!

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