Record cold in Poland

30 Sep 2018 – Last night, “he cold pole was minus 7.9, so a new record of the cold of September came,

but if there was no fog, it would even have minus 11,” wrote meteorologist Arnold Jakubczyk on Twitter.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday the cold record for this month fell in the Czarny Dunajec to minus 7.9 degrees.

“Black Dunajec today was -5.8 at 2 m and – 9.2 at the ground.” Normally a shock, because the record was broken in September,” he reports.

On the night of 25/26 September 2018 the lowest temperature was measured at Kasprowy Wierch – minus 6.6 degrees.

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  1. In Barrie ,Ontario 7:47 PM fine snow has been observed on Sept 30, 2018. I’ll take pictures if any accumulates over night and send them in.
    June, July and August as Spring ,Summer and Fall might be closer than we think.

  2. There is a chance my earlier report is inaccurate or the fine snow was transitory or fine rain illuminated by a cars headlights. So far there is no accumulation. What ever it was it was exciting to see.

  3. well at least most fruits harvested this yr, and if its cold over winter the wonderful polish cherry trees will be happy.

  4. Apologies if I seem a grouch LOL. The website has changed and I find the advertising OTT because I haven’t been here for ages. I looked for the ‘Leave us a tip’ and couldn’t find it.
    I am keen to make Robert and others aware about the Scottish developments. The snow patches on the Nevis Range have outlasted the Cairngorm places for the 1st time in known history. I follow the climate quite closely and if you want to know more about the Scottish glaciers then here’s a link:-

  5. Hey, look how FAST the Canadian Government “caved” in and signed the new, improved “NAFTA”……Do you think this has anything to do with the SNOW already falling ALL over Canada?

    Just like North Korea, Canada is heading for mass starvation when their entire country will be too cold, and dry, to grow any wheat.

    I would bet the smart, honest, real, Scientist in Canada had a closed door meeting with the top politicians, Central Bank owners, and such, and were told in no uncertain terms that Canada is facing famine and all the paper money in the world, Haitian immigrants, and new Muslims aren’t going to do any good nor help them one bit.

    There is only one country, in the World, that can grow the wheat to feed the world.

    It is just too coincidental that these rogue nations are sucking up to us.

  6. Meanwhile in swampy hell of NYC, Oct 1st 2018 11:00pm , its 72F and dewpoint in upper 60’s.Forecast for Oct 4th is 84 hellish degrees.Really?Instead of looking at co2, we need to find the technologies to rid of hot water from oceans to outer space.Too much damn water in this planet.Too swampy.

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