Record cold in Russia

The largest number of record low temperatures came in the Magadan region.

On July 24 in Susuman was -4.1°C, the previous record of -3.5°C was observed in 1973.

In Seimtchane was -2.9°C,  which is lower than the previous record by 0.5 degrees set 28 years ago.

In Brokhovo, the new absolute low for July 24 is +4°C, which is lower than the previous record by 0.6 for 1973.

In Talon -1.4°C, the former absolute low of -0.6°C was observed in the 1973.

In Yakutia. July 24 in Tompo was -0.3 °C. The previous record low of 0.3 degrees was in 1977.

In Zyryanka, the thermometer fell to +2.7°C, lower than the previous record by 0.7 degrees in 1956.

On the eve of the Magadan region and to the east, northeast of Yakutia, there was an inflow of arctic air, and intensive cooling occurred.

The average daily temperature was 4-6 degrees lower than multi-year values, and in some places by 8 degrees.

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  1. Despite all this, mainstream medias only talk about wildfires in Alaska and Russia blaming AGW for this. I think I can’t tolerate this anymore. They are just vomiting lies to support their unreal theories. JUST FOR MONEY

  2. A white blanket of snow covers Bolivia
    While in one part of the planet the heat is suffocating, in the other, the snow is falling as far as anyone expected. This winter postcard comes to us from the outskirts of La Paz, in Bolivia. Other places in the country such as Oruro, Potosí, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz or Tarija have also been covered by a white mantle, delighting children and adults.
    The snow has caused some problems like road cuts. In addition, the cold front has been accompanied in other areas by heavy rains and localized floods.
    Winds of 70 kilometers per hour and waves of two meters on Lake Titicaca
    In Lake Titicaca, between Bolivia and Peru, the effects have been impressive. Winds of up to 70 kilometers per hour and waves of up to two meters, made the boats dance on the water and interrupted the transportation of vehicles and passengers.

  3. I love how quick the media are to point out “record Heat” even though it is not. Most records are from 1930’s. But I love that they cannot hide the truth when the heat wave is followed by cold. See the cancellation of high altitude racing because of hail and snow. see
    This is why there was a heatwave because the low pressure cold front drew warm air up in front of it. Once the front arrives we then have unusual cold, even snow in late July. This is what happened to the tour and cannot be hidden from the public. I am in Florida and we had the same effect with the well advertised “Heat Wave” that then was immediately followed by the last four days of amazingly fall like temperatures. We barely got to 80 degrees for the last two days. Our low was in the 60’s. Did you hear that on MSM?

  4. During that period we always had some light storms in July further adding to the dampness. This summer is a pseudo version of it. Definitely brings back the memories.

  5. Though our last storm was in mid June from a lightning event that brought nearly half inch of rain otherwise dry dry dry with a dry spring. Amazingly the trees are pretty green I am guessing due to higher snow melt this year.

    The trees are usually browned out or showing signs of browning out by now most years and by August they are all done till the fall rains.

    • It would be nice if when you or anybody else report about local weather you mention the area you’re talking about. No personal info, just enough for your message to make sense.

  6. It’s very obvious the media is recently cherry picking and blowing out of proportion the hot weather they have been experiencing in France and nearby places. They never seem to mention extraordinary cold spells except in the wintertime. But even then it’s not one of the top stories and they make sure it’s not.

  7. I see comments are closed on what I want to say, so…

    You wrote “…I recently moved from the Seattle area to Texas, …”

    I wish you success in your new location!

    Thank you for addressing my concerns.

  8. Trough Brings Record Cold Temps

    All-Time July Low Temp Record Shattered on Wednesday

    Record Cold in July: Unusually Strong Midsummer Cold Front Refreshes Plains, South (RECAP)


  9. A few days ago THE BIG NEWS was the heat wave in western Europe, which by the way did’t brake any records, just summer.
    Two days later the heat wave moved to eastern Europe and is still moving. Going, going…GONE. Now UK is back to low 60’s, France and Germany upper 60’s to low 70 and nobody’s yelling no mo’.
    At least it’s quiet. :-)))

    • Actually there were some heat records broken especially in France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. It was really hot indeed, however the heat wave lasted 3 days and the cool temperatures are back. I mean really cool and persistent. July over Moscow was more like September and a new wave of record cold temperatures is on the way. The behaviour of air mass movement is quite strange at the moment. If it continues this way we are going to experience record cold winters in some places. Just let’s wait and see.

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