Record cold in Russia

In Salekhard, the temperature dropped to a record low of -1°C, breaking the previous record for August 2 of +2.0 °C, set in 1980.

-Early frosts in Siberia – IA “Meteonovosti”

On the night of August 2 north of the Tomsk region the temperature dropped to 0 .. + 2°C, and in some cases  below freezing.

At Ust-Ozerskaya (Ozersk) station the temperature dropped to -1°C.

Negative air temperature to -1°C was observed in other low places in Western Siberia.

In the next 24 hours, the weather in Siberia will remain cold, 6-7 degrees below normal.

In the north of Taimyr, wet snow is possible.

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  1. International Falls aMN hit a record low 34F this morning, beating the previous record low of 41F by 7 degrees. The previous record was set in 1918, 100 years ago to the day!


    i’ve seen on alot of imageboards that people honestly believe that everyone in the world will emigrate to the northern hemisphere because the rest of the world will simply be too hot

    lul, this is the new normal

    it’ll be hotter next year, and the year after that, and the year after that

    50C summer high in england by 2025”

    people will get a rude awakening

  3. Yesterday I spoke about desperation at “Space Weather” about NASA and whomever calling this:

    a sunspot. It wasn’t, it was a dot that was hardly a spot, perhaps what we used to call a mole. Today I post their example of that sunspot, can you see it? I can’t.

    Desperation they are hoping to find something that says we are not entering a grand minimum that will produce lower temperatures. Hoping will not make the minimum go away.

    Global warmers are really getting desperate.

  4. Not exactly sure what would be normal for Iceland, however I saw photos from I believe last week that looked like winter, only some melt.

  5. I wonder why Russia signed the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Accord.

    As a country on the edge of habitability when it comes to temperatures, they should worry about global cooling instead of warming.

    • I think Putin is too clever to accept the AGW hypotheses. However, he promotes it through signing climate protocols, in order to encourage idiot western governments (Trump excepted) to dig their countries’ graves by becoming over reliant on renewable power.

      Russia, through the RT channel, discourages fracking. That way European countries remain reliant on Russian gas. At a favorable moment, e.g. the start of a severe winter, they can pull the plug on Nato countries.

  6. If you keep an eye on this website which has already been mentioned on Robert’s site you’ll notice inland Greenland as was as a small area on the SE coast of Iceland temperatures are extremely low for this time of year.,70.04,836/loc=-36.543,77.118

    It’s only in the last few weeks that there has been a rise in coastline temperatures around Greenland although inland temperatures which are also on the rise now were sitting about
    – 16c to – 18c until very recently.

    As for the area on the SE coastline of Iceland temperatures have been hovering around 0.5c to 8c.

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