Record cold in Siberia – Breaks 99-year-old record

Average daily air temperature is below multi-year values ​​by 4-6 degrees C, in some places by 8 degrees.

On the night of July 30 in Tobolsk the thermometer dropped to  +6.5°C, tying the 1955 record.

Last night, July 31, the absolute minimum temperature in Krasnoyarsk was blocked, the current one is +3.3°C, lower than the previous one by 1.6°C, which was observed in 1919.

(Google translate is letting me down here.  Does this mean temperatures dropped 3.3 degrees LOWER than the previous record low for this date? Does it mean temperatures dropped TO 3.3 degrees? Or does it mean something else? I dunno.

Whatever it means, there’s apparently no global warming in Tobolsk.) 

Okay, my readers are saying that the temperature dropped to +3.3°C 37.94F), which was 1.6°C colder than the previous record low of +4.9°C (40.82F), set in 1919.

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  1. It says that the new record low, 3.3C, is lower than the previous record low “by” 1.6 C, which means that the previous record low was 4.9 C.

  2. He is the translation from Russian:

    Siberian Cold Records

    Cold air established in Siberia is not in rush to give way to warmth.
    On the previous day average 24 hour temperature of the air was below long term marks by 4 to 6; and in some places by 8 C.
    Atop high atmospheric pressure during night and early morning hours intensive cooling off takes place.
    At night from 29 to 30 of July in Tobolsk the thermometer mark fell down to the record low value of +6.5 C therefore repeating the previous record from 1955.
    Last night, 31 of July, absolute minimum of temperature in Krasnoyarsk was sealed and now the current one is +3.3 C, lower by 1.6 C than the one observed in 1919.

  3. Something is off. Down here in New Orleans TEMPS and humidity feel like late spring instead of summer. Last night it actually felt cool. I’m 57 and can’t remember a cool night in august ?

  4. why using records? Is it about sport? Running 0.01 second faster than up to now? Using terms like ‘record’is only for the public to emphasize that one is living in extreme times and that is what people want to have as extreme times makes people feeling they are living creatures. No more no less.

  5. Yes, the previous record low was 4.9°C.
    And it seems it will continue by other locations.
    -Early frosts in Siberia – IA “Meteonovosti”

    On the night of August 2, the cold Arctic air reached the north of the Tomsk region. The air temperature dropped to 0 .. + 2°C, and in some cases it reached the point of freezing.
    So at Ust-Ozerskaya (Ozersk) station the minimum air temperature reached -1°C.

    Negative air temperature to -1°C was observed in other low places in Western Siberia. In Salekhard, the temperature dropped to -1°C, which was a new record. Prior to this, the minimum temperature for August 2 was +2.0 °C and was observed in 1980.

    In the next 24 hours, the weather in Siberia will remain cold, 6-7 degrees below normal.
    In the north of Taimyr, wet snow is not excluded.

  6. The Warmists are desperate, they are calling this


    a sunspot. There was a time when this would have been totally ignored, then a spot like this was called a mole but now a sunspot. Desperate times.

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