Record cold in Slovakia

Freezing here in July is “unprecedented'” says reader._______

“There was lowest temperature ever recorded for Poprad, Slovakia,” writes reader
Peto Kuchár.

“It was freezing -1C at 5 cm above ground. Poprad elevation is not particularly high at 672m, but it is located at the foot of Tatra Mountains.”

“Anyway freezing in July is unprecedented.”

“Official reading in 2 meters above ground showed 3.7C, which is lowest on record. This is lowest temperature recorded in history for 10th July at this location. Middle of July is time with highest temperatures of the year.

“It is result of abnormal cold in Europe lasting already 2 weeks.”

8 thoughts on “Record cold in Slovakia”

  1. Yup it is just a few more years until the climate models unequivocally prove that CO2 causes cooling.

  2. shows it’s still snowing in Greenland, also snow moving into N Alaska, N Siberia this week which is not atypical, but it’s not 85f and swimming weather.
    Spotless days hit 64% this week and TCI is down to 2.83 !
    Lowest TCI was 2.05 in ’09 so we’re gaining on that mark.

  3. Very strange to see all these cold records being broke in the hottest month of the year for the NH. I’m guessing the cold will be getting worse for the winter of 2019-20. Seems the ice up north keeps building and the wobbly jet stream brings it south.

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