Record cold in Southern Brazil

South Brazil -10°C frost

Minus 10 °C!! Not so cold at this time of year since 1991 / August SC didn’t register a minimum temperature of negative two digits since 8/2/91

It is the lowest temperature ever registered at this time of year in the SC high mountains.

From CLIMATERRA (Ronaldo Coutinho e Piter Scheuer)
PREVISÃO E MONITORAMENTO CLIMATICO. (Climate Forecast and Monitoring)

Please let me know if I translated this (generally) correctly.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

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  1. Articles with pictures. The first one mentions the temperatures of minus 10 C in some spots, the second one apparently wasn’t updated with the lowest ones.—4c.htm

    It’s interesting that there’s no snow or whatever, things were just flash-frozen overnight it seems. Also, the first link mentions frost in Porto Alegre, which is a pretty large city and where frost is extremely unusual due to urban heat island effect.

  2. Hi Robert, I am Brazilian and can provide you with a slightly more accurate translation:

    “-10° C! Since August 1991 the State of Santa Catarina did not register a double-digits minimum temperature; together with August 2, 1991, this is the lowest temperature ever recorded in the mountains.” (“serra” means mountain range)

    I may further add that, according to the same meteorological site, this happened in the rural area of a town called Bom Jardim. As far as urban areas are concerned the lowest on the same day was -8.8° C, in the town of São Joaquim.



  3. th soalr cycles at rock bottom, the upper leveland midlevel atmospheres extra cold(trenberths missing co2 heat remainsmissing)
    the noctilucant cloud displays are widespread and lower down than usually seen as well due to that
    ozone holes should be larger due to the ice particles too.
    sth africas copped snows Aus just had a ripper cold sth updraft
    hence the good snows and savage seas off the east coast
    and sth americas also taking a beating
    but noooo abc radio today is raving up the never before fires and highs in rusia
    such a pity they WONT admit prior similar temps and fires
    and present one is a valley area with a blocking high causing the event.
    WUWT did a good item on that recently.

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