Record cold in the Caucasus

Freezes in southern Europe on April 8 and 9 break records set as far back as 1926.

On April 8, record cold values ​​were set in the federal districts of the southern and northern Caucasus.

Tsimlyansk cooled to -2.7°C, breaking the old record of -2.3°C) set in 1971. On giant thermometers it showed -4.5°C, breaking the previous record of -3.3°C set in 1971. At -8.9°C, the air cooled in the repair. Before, in 1971, the temperature dropped to -4.3°C .

Records were also recorded in Stavropol and Budennovsk. In Budennovsk, thermometers showed -6.7°C, beating the previous record of -4.9 °C set in 1926.

Frosts at -5°C were observed at night on April 9 in the Southern District, and in the Northern Caucasus District it was even colder, at -7°C in the Stavropol Territory.

On April 10, frosts expected from -1 to 6 °C, in the Rostov region at -8°C.

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