Record cold in the Lower Volga and the lower Don

13 August 2019 – Absolute temperature minimums were set in a number of points, including Rostov, Volgograd and Aktobe regions.

In Volgograd and Elton (Volgograd region), the temperature dropped to 9.0 and 8.6 degrees, respectively (previous records were 9.7 and 12.2 degrees set exactly 60 years ago).

In Upper Baskunchak (Astrakhan Oblast), the record was broken when the air temperature dropped to 11.1 degrees.

And the temperature dropped to 9.1 degrees. 1-2 degrees below the previous record low in a number of cities in the Rostov and Aktobe regions.

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5 thoughts on “Record cold in the Lower Volga and the lower Don”

  1. Sure the focus of this site is to record interesting weather events.
    Repeat, weather.
    But when there is a series of unusual, or record cold readings, in both hemispheres within the month it is more than interesting.

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