Record cold in the mesosphere causing noctilucent clouds in mid latitudes

“It’s getting cold in the mesosphere. Very cold,” wrote Dr. Tony Phillips in early June.

This development is causing noctilucent clouds (NLCs) to spill out of the Arctic to middle latitudes.

“I’ve been waiting for years to see NLCs (noctilucent clouds), and finally it happened!” reported Phil Halpert from London, England. He noticed their electric-blue ripples over local rooftops, then rushed out to photograph them over Clissold Park.

“2020 is shaping up to be a cold and wet year in the mesosphere,” says Lynn Harvey of the University of Colorado Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics.

“Temperatures, in particular, are very cold,” says Harvey. “In fact, mid-latitude temperatures (35N-55N) in late May (DOY 142-148) were the coldest of the AIM record”–that is, since 2007 when NASA’s AIM spacecraft began monitoring noctilucent clouds.

I have no idea what this means to us down here on the surface of the planet, do you?

See full article and photo:

Still happening on 6 July. Lots of photos
Major noctilucent clouds outbreak over Europe

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17 thoughts on “Record cold in the mesosphere causing noctilucent clouds in mid latitudes”

  1. As far as I understand one of the basic tenets of “climate science and greenhouse gases” is that GHGs absorb some of the radiation from the Earth’s surface and due to slight increases in their temperature re-radiate this radiation in all directions.

    This effectively scatters the radiation in a similar effect that makes our sky look blue (and thus reducing the heating impact of the incident solar on the surface).

    I think “climate science” has moved on from the premise that the colder atmospheric radiation heats the warmer surface and have settled on the concept that GHG reduce the amount of radiation Earth emits to space.

    Roy Spencer always cites the effect of GHGs like this – they reduce the temperature Earth radiates to space at high altitudes and cause the surface temperature to increase.

    The problems I have with this are twofold :-

    Firstly, his hypothesis means there must be a change in the atmospheres adiabatic lapse rate (obviously the height is the same but the temperature difference in his model must be greater) if the surface is warmer and the top of the atmosphere is colder – and this has never been observed !

    Secondly, there are two adiabatic lapse rates in the atmosphere – the so called “dry” rate of ~10°C per kilometre – and the so called “wet” rate of ~6.5°C per kilometre.

    If GHGs cause a reduction in temperature at the top of the atmosphere and warming at the surface why is the so called “wet” rate of ~6.5°C per kilometre lower than the the so called “dry” rate of ~10°C per kilometre ?

    NASA says “The troposphere starts at the Earth’s surface and extends 8 to 14.5 kilometers high”

    For ease of mathematics let’s say 10 klometres.

    10 x 6.5°C/kilometre – total 65°C is obviously significantly less than 10 x 10°C/kilometre total 100°C.

    Clear proof that GHGs do NOT reduce the effective radiating temperature whilst inducing surface warming !

    If they did the “wet” lapse rate must be greater than the “dry” rate – after all water vapour is by far the most powerful GHG – by a country mile.

    Thus I conclude one of the basic tenets of “climate science” is wrong.

  2. So…I take the activity of colder temps in the mesoshpere and the NLCs expanding to the mid-latitudes would be expected to increase during solar and grand solar minimums?

  3. Noctilucent clouds (NLCs) will be helping to cool the stratosphere and that will eventually lead to effects on the jet stream and so to weather effects at the surface.
    We occasionally get Sudden Stratospheric Warm (SSW) in winter that perturbs the weather, maybe now we will be seeing its counter Slow Stratospheric Cooling (SSC) in summer.

  4. On they have mentioned this. There’s also a photo of the new Neowise comet with noctilucent clouds. Haven’t definitively seen them myself.

  5. Suspect they have more of a stranglehold on the media now. They are not reporting certain types of stories counter to the narrative, with like one exception.

  6. Dear Robert, What if most of what we are told by the main media is plain wrong and deliberately so? We on this website all know that GLOBAL WARMING is plain bull! Why would anyone uphold something that has been proven time and again by hundreds of scientists themselves to be a FAKE THEORY? WHAT ARE THE POWERS THAT BE HIDING? As you Robert have reported countless times on your website an ICE-AGE would be far more devastating than any GLOBAL WARMING. My guess is that those in power know that an ice-age is COMING and are trying to hide this fact for as long as they can – because they mostly control the NARRATIVE through their FAKE MEDIA like the BBC. A SUDDEN MINI ice-age would be devastating for all who are UNPREPARED – perhaps that is the plan? To catch most people totally unawares – and thus bring in the ELITES EUGENICS DEPOPULATION AGENDA in full force – FAMINE. COVID-19 is mere ‘smoke and mirrors’ and sleight of hand, whilst everyones attention is on the wrong crisis! I hope I am wrong! Where would millions of people in the Northern Hemisphere go in an encroaching ICE-AGE?

    I think that the strange formation of ‘clouds’ mentioned in this above article is a ‘SIGN’ that things are getting much colder in general – but it is not being accurately reported by any of the main media – which is really sad, as it could prove to be devastating to the peoples of the earth! – Steve See my website:

  7. In Simple Terms What Does it Mean for this Coming Winter Here in the UK?
    ***On Strong Meds So Not a Lot Makes Sense Right Now***
    MANY Thanks

  8. well what it DOES mean is trenberths missing heat in the mid latitudes of earth from the fictitious CO2 NONproblem
    is STILL missing;-) roflmao!
    he said it was embarrassing back then he couldnt find it
    before it got even colder
    and when the upper levels are crispy cold like now?
    Ozone holes appear created by the ice crystals waaay up high
    amazed no cli-fi faithfuls started the ozones bigger its all our fault crap again either
    must be too busy with covid?

  9. I have posted this to you before.

    I think it means that our overall atmosphere is cooling down. It starts somewhere as our sun calms down. A ripple affect that takes some time. Just like a smaller version of our seasons. Our hottest days of summer happens when our days begin to shorten and inversely in the winter. A delayed temperature event. The coming of an ice age is likely a delayed event in a much larger scale. The sun has been quiet for some time and is getting quieter. Eventually our atmosphere will begin to see consistent effects. I believe seeing more frequent noctilucent clouds more and more into the middle latitudes is a sign that things are beginning to catch up. A VERY significant event for sure in my humble opinion.

  10. Looks like a magnetic reversal approaching soon. Once that happens we all die and never wake up again!

  11. Yes, heat is no longer penetrating….it’s going to get very cold. Warm seas, cold skies….very dangerous combo!

  12. Yes , Ive been seeing them regularly on the NJ shore this Summer at Sunset. Makes for a very surrealistic photo.

  13. I’ve seen loads of noculuicent clouds this summer so many that I stopped photographing them.they where very rare although I am based at 54.6 north.i also,in January,saw a nacrous cloud for the first something is going on in the middle atmosphere and it must be more water vapour up there?both the polar stratospheric and polar mesospheric clouds seem to be increasing.

  14. “What does it MEAN”… It means that WE should be prepared for a real food shortage in the coming years AND the nutty indoctrinated brainwashed sheeple to do what ever they have to, to survive.
    Among all the other “stuff” happening between the “ethnic” and anarchists news, WE are not being told about the sudden expansion of the Greenland Ice Field (in JUNE no less), the locust plague in the grain belt of Africa, the record low temps in the southern hemisphere, the uptick in seismic activity along the major plate boundaries AND no-one seems to be awake to the implications of the major planetary alignment that occurred during a Grand Solar Minimum… the last time this happened was 400 odd years ago and has historic ties to the Little Ice Age event.
    My suggestion is for all to be prepared for all possibilities. This old rock is going to show US ALL who controls what. Peace to ALL

  15. I’ve already seen articles on this new appearance of noctilucent clouds claiming it’s a sign of global warming, and it’s going to cause us all to burn to death. Not kidding one bit, you’ll find them if you google “noctilucent clouds”.

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