Record cold in the Netherlands

Record cold in the Netherlands

Last night weather station Twente measured minus 4,1 Celsius. It has never been that cold in the Netherlands at this time of year, summer.

For the coming night night frost is expected, too.

Normally there is no night frost after the Ice Saints (May 11 -15).

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis, Hans Schreuder and JJM Gommers for these links

8 thoughts on “Record cold in the Netherlands”

  1. Given the storm off the gulf hitting Texas, I’d say the Gulf Stream has slowed down. Freezing in north EU and warm water backing up in the gulf. During glaciels, Texas gets wetter, and Florida goes to summer pattern winters. Looks to me like that is happening.

    the second link cites a paper showing the Florida pattern.

  2. Wow! thank God for those who are telling the TRUTH inspite of the ELITE’S propaganda machine constantly deliberately spewing out GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE and blaming mankind insignificant 0.02% of atmosphere CO2. Of course their formula for World domination, has to involve blaming mankind, as an easy excuse for coming new HITLER type EUGENICS, and justifying the getting rid of 95% of the “Useless Eaters”

  3. Wont be long before this is the weather being reported for areas South of 38 Degrees Latitude at this time of year.. Green
    House Gasses are doing a fine job of warming planet. lol.

  4. I guess kids in the Netherlands will know what freezing feels like in June 88 years from now!

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