Record cold in Transbaikal Territory

Several settlements report record cold.

On the night of October 12, in most settlements of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the temperature dropped below a 10-degree mark.

In the village of Nerchinsky Zavod, located southeast of the regional center of Chita, the temperature dropped to -14.2°C, the previous record, -12.9°C, was noted in 1903.

Not far from it, in the city of Borzya, the daily minimum record was also updated, in the morning it was -17.9°C and the previous record, -15.2°C also remained in 1903.

In the city of Mogocha, which is northeast of Chita, frosts intensified to -18.8°C, which is 0.4 degrees lower than the 1991 record.

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  1. Robert do you watch Paul Beckwith yotube channel ? He talks about that large amounts of methane gas is released in the arctic (up to 16 ppm in some places) and this is the cause of arctic warming. But isnt methane gas unstable ? I think methane mixed with air fall apart to water and carbon dioxide is tht correct ? What do you think ?

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