Record cold invades Moscow, Eiffel Tower requires blowtorch, summertime cold blamed for mass bird deaths in Australia

As the Main Stream Media doubles-down on its catastrophic global warming narrative, the planet is busy nosediving into its next cooling epoch: the Grand Solar Minimum.

Record Cold Invades Moscow

As reported by themoscowtimes.comwestern Russia has been hit by bitter cold this week, and has joined central and eastern regions which have been battered by brutal Arctic lows of -58.3C (-73F) and beyond for months now.

Moscowis suffering its coldest weather of the past decade, according to the MT article, with Muscovites suffering lows of -20C (-4F):

Looking ahead, Moscow’s big freeze freeze is only expected to intensify.

The GFS (shown below) has the majority of Europe under a polar air mass Monday, Feb. 15, with the freeze expected to persist until at least March.

Western Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Germany can expect the worst of Europe’s cold, with temps here tanking 24C below the winter average.

Eiffel Tower Requires Blowtorch

Heavy snow has blanketed the French capital, and bone-chilling lows have frozen the Eiffel Tower.

Workers at the Tower have used a blowtorch to melt the ice collecting on its surfaces, while snow was burying roads halting trains and school buses Wednesday across northern France, reports (AP).

Areas in Normandy and Brittany, unaccustomed to such icy conditions, were forced to close highways due to a lack of snow-clearing equipment.

In parts of Paris, the big freeze lead to local authorities halting school buses and urging parents to keep their children at home.

Much of Europe, including Britain, has been gripped by brutal polar fronts since the weekend –a lot longer in many cases– and heavy snowfall is responsible for tangling traffic and stranded drivers in Germany and the Czech Republic.


Summertime Cold Blamed for Mass Bird Deaths in Australia

As reported by, an unseasonable summer chill has gripped much of southern Western Australia (WA) this week.

The cold proved so severe that conservationists have blamed it for the widespread deaths of a small native bird in WA’s South West.

Parks and Wildlife conservation officer Ben Lullfitz said after the cold weather people had found dead tree martin birds from Augusta to Bunbury.

Mr Lullfitz added that the birds were unable to feed or regulate their body temperature during the cold conditions.

“We don’t know how many exactly have died but it’s been a widespread event,” he said.


Record Cold Invades Moscow, Eiffel Tower requires Blowtorch, Autobahn Chaos in Germany, and Summer Chills Blamed for Mass Bird Deaths in Australia

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  1. The ice age is intensifying! Too bad we have a total retard as President who will surely get millions killed in the dark due to massive power outages.
    He needs to get impeached and go to prison!!

  2. It always happens. Every time. Brutally cold in the Northern tier. Also strangely hazy in places without pollution. It’s 20 below zero actual temperature. The air looks like 40 below zero.

  3. Swifts, Swallows, Martins and Cave Swiftlets all eat on the wing and as temperatures drop less or no insects fly. The first three all migrate out of Britain each year. the latter live here in Thailand and the population in Northern Thailand has crashed due to colder winters. Two years ago we had about 100 take shelter at our property as they were too exhausted to fly home to their cave a few miles away, next morning all were dead.

  4. “Workers at the Tower have used a blowtorch to melt the ice collecting on its surfaces…”

    Must be a VERY big blowtorch. From memory, the Eiffel Tower contains enough metal to build a destroyer.

    • I have heard if you melt all the metal and then put it on a surface area the size between its legs, it will be 60 cm high. But don’t quote me on that!

  5. Hyped by media since 1978, AGW hysterics’ blatant Luddite-Malthusian bias renders ultra-politicized “climate science” the prima facie enemy of objective, rational debate.

    Never a mention, here or elsewhere, of Australian researcher Robert Holmes’ 2017 “Mean Molar Mass version of the Ideal Gas Law”, definitively proving that any –repeat, any– planet’s global atmospheric surface temperature T = PM/Rp, where P = Atmospheric Pressure times M = Mean Molar Mass over R = Atmospheric Density times Gas Constant p. Since CO2 is not a factor, no purely hypothetical “carbon-footprint” greenhouse gas effect applies.

    In thus belying AGW legates’ anti-energy burlesque, Holmes’ Law refutes grant-mongering alarmists’ anti-“fossil fuel” (sic) premise hyping urban heat-island (UHI) effects. Historical ephemera aside, for the first time since the pre-Cambrian Ediacaran Period (635 – 541 MYA), from the late Pliocene 3.6 mm YBP, Alaska – Andean orogenies ending in the Eocene (56 – 34 MYA) have merged continental plate-tectonic dispositions to block global atmospheric/oceanic circulation patterns. Despite the geophysical time-lag, walling off Eastern from Western hemispheres has induced cyclical 102-kiloyear glaciations interspersed with median 12,250-year interstadial remissions due to last another 12 – 15 million years.

    Now on the threshold of an 8-cycle (88 year) Super-Grand Solar Minimum through c. AD 2108, Earth’s latest Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended 12,250 + 3,500 – 14,400 = AD 1350 with a 500-year Little Ice Age from 1350 to 1850/1890. Following a 140-year “amplitude compression” rebound to AD 2030, Earth’s 7.5+ billion souls face a 102-kiloyear Pleistocene chill-phase due to cover 60% of habitable landmasses with ice-sheets two miles thick.

    • Interested in your understanding your commentary but it’s flying above my head. Is there a simpler way to describe the theory and possible outcome?

  6. the ENSO has dropped back to the near neutral again for aus which is annoying as it drops good rain chances
    that said it hit 35/6 wed/thurs and then dropped to 22c here today and a teensy .6mmrain
    native trees are flowering and theres bugs around
    WA maybe different to some degree but those birds would be insectivores so lack of food story doesnt tally for me
    theyve had huge weather events from fires to cyclones with floods Id say either of those would be a likelier cause of death

  7. funny how using nasty fossilfuel gas blowtorches is ok to melt ice on the iron lump in paris?
    tourism dollars are even more important obviously;-)) lol hypocrites

  8. In the EU, I guess, it will take a few years of coldness just like canada/USA had the last few years and now, before I will hear that climate change means change of weather patterns during some decades or so and not CO2. Up to then, it can be expected a loss of taxmoney to get a lower temp. of about 3 degrees Celsius. It just like pollution. No one talks about the pollution during fabrication of corona-vaccins, and so on. Fabrication of it can be done within a couple months but not the pollution by plastics.

  9. Strange how the MSM in the UK appears to be in complete denial of what is happening in the rest of the world, preferring to report extensively on the Covid and any other parochial news, thus ensuring that the global warming propaganda is not dented.

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