Record cold? Let’s call it a ‘cold snap’

“Cold snap: A FedEx worker found dead at a delivery facility was one of 17 killed,” reads the headline on

“A 69-year-old FedEx worker has been found dead outside a delivery hub in western Illinois, and police believe the extreme cold snap that hit the country this week played a role.” (Ahhh, well, at least they called it an extreme cold snap.)

“It was extremely cold in the Moline area this week….” (Thank goodness they used the word extreme again.)

“Wednesday evening’s low was 29 below (-33.9C) with a wind chill of 34 below; Thursday morning’s low was 33 below (-36.1C).”

“Of the 17 deaths linked to this week’s extreme weather (there’s that word again), eight were in Iowa…. Weather-related deaths were also reported in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana and Wisconsin…”

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  1. seeing as mail and other services were halted
    I hope the family sues the ass off of fedex for pushing people to work in those unsafe conditions

  2. You know if this turns into an ice age rather than a warm & comfortable place to live with a long growing season “they” are going to have to blame someone… Now who is it that’s been saying “not by fire but by ice” all these years? Hmmm… 🙂

  3. Cold snap? No, this is a full-on deep freeze. And I’m sure that poor FedEX worker isn’t the first, nor will he be the last. I’ve been looking at photos online of the deep freeze and it’s mind-blowing.

  4. I really am not trying to turn this blog into a “Political” blog, but the coming weather disaster (for modern civilization) can not be separate from Politics.

    I, personally, am fascinated with the China and North Korean events. I see it all linked to the Grand Solar Minimum, and I base it on the superior intelligence of the Chinese People (I was raised in Hong Kong).

    China is basically giving in to just about every “demand” of TRUMP. Now, whether or not you like or hate TRUMP, his business dealings are…business dealings. They are non-Political. I am sure Trump gets along great with the Chinese leaders and I can imagine there are times they laugh and relax, BUT something else is going on.

    The Chinese people are an extremely proud people. They should be. They honor their past as much as the Jewish People (It is a shame the Caucasian Tribes don’t have this in them). They don’t “kowtow” ( 磕头 )…………( “kneel and touch the ground with the forehead in worship or submission as part of Chinese custom”.) to anybody unless they HAVE TO. Especially the foreigner. Especially the “race” that sold them Opium.

    China is folding on almost all trade deals with TRUMP. I don’t give TRUMP credit for this, in the sense that TRUMP just happens to be in the right place at the right time with the right understanding of business….(OBAMA had no business experience).

    The coming Grand Solar Minimum must be far, far worse than we all know, and China must know some things we don’t. It must really be bad news.

    I can only see FEAR as being their motivation and I thank TRUMP for having the maturity, respect, genius, and politeness to honorable deal with the factors at hand and make a fair and honorable Trade Deal with China, given the fact China really has no choice. The Chinese are heavily into Respect, and TRUMP is showing respect.

    All of us should thank our personal “God” that we live here in America. Sure, food prices will double, triple, etc…but we will have food.

  5. Used to be stationed at Rock Island Arsenal. Moline is on the Illinois side.
    So cold people would ride snowmobiles across the Mississippi.
    My car froze so badly once I had to crawl in through the hatch back and take it to an underground garage on post to thaw out the doors.
    When we’d go out to smoke our words would freeze and we’d have to throw them in a pot of water to see what we’d said.

    What? Too much?

  6. “You know if this turns into an ice age rather than a warm & comfortable place to live with a long growing season “they” are going to have to blame someone… ”

    Nope it will still be the fault of Co2. They will just change the sign on a forcing or 2 and be finished before lunch with plenty of time left to apply for more grants before they go home for dinner.

  7. Siberia was handcuffed by the record of frosts.

    In Siberia, finished with a record of cold that flowed smoothly in February.

    On the first day of the last winter month, the average daily air temperature was below the climatic norm by more than 16 degrees. In the Irkutsk region, on the evening of 2 February, the air cooled to -48°C, in the Novosibirsk region to -44°C, Kemerovo to -42°C, and Tomsk to -45°, in Evenkia to -53°C.

    In northern Siberia, frost has hit record highs. In Salekhard, February 1 was -47.1°C, the previous record of -45.3°C was observed in 1967. Recorded frosts were also recorded in the Khanty-Mansiysk district: in Laryak the temperature dropped to -46.7°C at which was a daily record (the previous record of -45°C was recorded in 1967), Ugut -45.8°C, which is lower than the previous record by 1.7 degrees and also for the year 1967. In Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region) was -34°C, the former was observed in 2012 and was -33.2°C.

    On Saturday, February 2, the daily minimum temperature was again updated in Salekhard, now it is -47.3°C, the previous -44.5°C was observed in 2001.

    In the coming days, abnormally cold weather with an average daily temperature below the climatic norm of 15 degrees or more will persist in the Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk districts in the Tomsk region. Severe frosts are expected in the Omsk region and southern Tyumen. In the region of Irkutsk, severe frost (temperature -40: -45°C, in some places up to -53°C); Irkutsk has an abnormally cold climate with average daily air temperature 8-14 below the climatic norm. In Evenkia -50 ..- 55°C, in the central regions of the Territory of Krasnoyarsk up to -50°C; in Krasnoyarsk abnormally cold weather with an average daily temperature of 12-18 o below normal.

  8. UK weather forecast: Britain braces for coldest night in nine years
    Saturday, February 2nd. With video
    Britain is bracing for what could be the coldest night in almost nine years as temperatures look set to fall to -16C (3.2F) in Scotland.
    The UK has not seen temperatures that low since December 2010, when Scotland recorded -21.3C (-6.3F), according to Met Office records.
    Forecasters have said parts of England could see sub-zero temperatures reach double digits too.
    Meteorologist Alex Burkill said: “Saturday night it’s likely to be very similar to Thursday night – we could get down to -16C (3.2F) in Scotland, but it’s worth bearing in mind that even across the South we could get into negative double figures.”
    Freezing conditions on Saturday saw motorists digging out cars trapped by heavy snowfall.
    Drivers, forced to abandon their vehicles, told Sky News that road conditions had been “absolutely treacherous”.
    Overnight sleet and snow hampered efforts to free motorists trapped in parts of Kent, with police reporting an “incredibly busy night” and multiple vehicles stuck.
    The force said there had also been “numerous RTCs (road traffic collisions) and vehicles going the wrong way on the motorway”.
    Drivers found themselves stranded on routes in Hampshire, including the M3.
    Highways England said 14 gritters fitted with snow ploughs worked to clear the motorway.

    And here he is, straight from the psychiatric hospital: junk scientist dr. David Viner: Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past

  9. Rob, it _is_ turning into an ice age. And “they” are already laying groundwork for blaming humans (rather than the Sun) for the coming ice age. Thus definitely not themselves to blame for our total lack of preparation, and all the death and sorrow that will result.
    See my comment at

    That the Warmist strategists are starting with this “humans caused the Little Ice Age” rubbish, demonstrates that they _know_ we are headed into another. But they are going to lie and misdirect about this too. Effectively revealing that their true objectives really are to crash civilization and kill as many people as possible.

  10. Any weather-related death is a tragedy however, these unfortunate soles are becoming Al Gores’ Inconvenient Truth.

    Now, could someone assist me with the following?

    I was born in Scotland in 1965 and thanks to the North Atlantic Drift (Gulf Stream) we along with western Europe experience a temperate climate. During the mid to late 70s we experienced a few harsh winters as did most of the northern hemisphere just prior to the recent warm period that is now becoming a memory.

    From 1965 until around 2009 I had rarely heard the term Polar Vortex however, since 2009 this term seems to be appearing with an ever-increasing frequency. Is this Polar Vortex a new term for a phenomenon which has always been there or is the ever-increasing phenomenon a sign of thing to come that we have no control over the same as we had no control over the recent warm period?

  11. The advance of the ice sheet, or alpine glaciers just needs cooler summers.
    Where the snow and ice loss is less than the winter’s precipitation.
    The DMI in November reported that the two previous summers had recorded that.
    This had also shown in the North American snow-cover chart, which during the last two melt seasons was above the mean band. Last year’s was high right out to October.
    Helps with the old albedo.
    Another cool summer and one could begin to think of a trend change.
    Of course, the trend of diminishing solar activity represents “built-in” cooling.

  12. Is there evidence supporting or against the polar vortex theory (weak jet stream, warm air moving north)?

    Have weather patterns existed like this previously?

    What do you have to say concerning Australia?


  13. After 30 years of battling Globull warming I’d think the loonie left would be taking credit rather than ignoring these record cold temps.

  14. The headline could have been: “Record cold leads to snap frozen Fedex worker.” (like the woolly mammoth and the saber tooth tiger) In that way they would have gotten the word snap in to the headline.

  15. I don’t understand. Wait, I get it! They all died from “heat related injuries,” correct? Can’t be any other way since we all know we are undergoing “global warming.” Don’t believe me? Remember, if you don’t get enough heat, your body tends to stop working, so surely that can be considered a heat related injury, even if it is a lack of heat! They got it covered.

    Sadly, this sort of thing should never happen, but in an upside down world, anything is possible, except reality.

  16. In a couple of cities, homeless with no place to go have been found frozen to death. But, hey it’s just a cold snap, amirite? Yeah, sure, anything you say, Al.

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