Record cold in Massachusetts

Thick frost from Northern Maine to Central Rhode Island.

The temperature in Chicopee, Massachusetts, dropped to 30°F, beating the old record of 32 set in 1949.

Other cold spots included:

• Norwood, Massachusetts | 28°F

• Amston, Connecticut | 31°F

• Kingston, Rhode Island | 33°F

• East Burke, Vermont |26°F

• Errol, New Hampshire |27°F

• Cupsuptic Lake in Oquossoc, Maine |26°F

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4 thoughts on “Record cold in Massachusetts”

  1. brrr… that is cold for those places this time of year. But maybe they deserve it (MA at least)… one of the “hockey stick” authors, Ray Bradley, is a professor at UMass-Amherst, and last I knew was the department head of the Geosciences dept (where I got my MS in geography).

  2. I recall hunting in the Adirondacks (low elevation) in the early 80’s at the end of September and finding 4 inches of snow outside our tent in the early morning hours. Seems like we are just in another cycle. Time will tell.

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