Record cold in Norway

“Also Christchurch, NZ having one of its coldest August on record,” says reader.

Norway minimum temp history (33.7607°S, 149.8172°E, 1084m AMSL)

Coldest ever was
-7.2° 15/08/1967

Coldest this year
-8.5° 13/07/2016

“Would you say that the Coldest this year is the coldest ever??”

Thanks to Mark R for this info


5 thoughts on “Record cold in Norway”

  1. I posted this at Tony Heller’s “realclimatescience” website:
    “Perth Metro and Perth Airport had their coolest July days for eighteen years, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (Australia). And it looks like we are looking at another cooler than normal month, this August, which may make it the coldest winter this century.
    My gas heater has been working overtime in the hottest year ever.”

  2. One of its warmest! Across the Tasman it’s the other way as they get the left hands southerlies of the lows that this winter have seemed to stick to the southwest Tasman sea.

  3. What I would like to know is the temperature trend of the southerlies that come from the Antarctic (wherever they blow). I feel they are getting brutally cold.

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