Record cold on the Scandinavian Peninsula

Breaks record set in 1941, before most of this site’s readers were born.

In April, temperatures in northern Europe ran far ahead of normal. In Norway in the second half of the month on some days the average daily temperature exceeded average long-term values ​​by 8-10 degrees. And from April 22 to 28 the maximum temperature set daily records, rising to 21:23 degrees.

But at the beginning of May, the weather rolled back a couple of months. On May 6, the daily average was 5 degrees below normal and set new cold records.

At the Norwegian Trondheim Airport, the temperature dropped to -2.5 C, leaving behind the previous record of -2.2 C set in 1941.

The cold in the western Scandinavian Peninsula will continue in coming days.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

3 thoughts on “Record cold on the Scandinavian Peninsula”

  1. OMG the weather changed;-)
    funny how it does that daily.
    Pleased to report we went from warm and duststorms in Mildura to the best falls of the yr so far( for my town) around 15mm acc to Bom but more like 25,,+ according to the puddles in my yard:-)))
    the ground is so dry its basically repelling water presently and the roads are dangerous with water running off but damn its GREAT!

  2. This is the real problem faced by many Western countries:
    Faulty model-based planning and spending based on hot-running computer models coupled with a hard left-leaning Civil Service Supported by the AGW-propaganda supported, tax levy funded, Main-Stream-Media organisation; the BBC.
    Now the Alarmism maximum is 4C, double the temperature last seen at the height of the Holocene Maximum 7000 year ago.
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    Image caption More coastal erosion is expected in England
    England’s flood planners must prepare for the worst on climate change, the Environment Agency has warned.
    Its chairwoman, Emma Howard Boyd, said on current trends, global temperature could rise between 2C and 4C by 2100 and £1bn a year would need to be spent on flood management.

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