Record cold possible from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast

The Washington Post calls it an ‘impressively cold snap.” A cold snap? Hundreds, if not thousands of records could fall, and its just a cold snap?

“The Arctic blast set to engulf the eastern half of the Lower 48 will make mid-November feel like mid-January,” and its just a cold snap?

“Between Sunday and Wednesday, temperatures will sink to levels 15 to 30 degrees colder than normal from the Plains to the East Coast,” and its just a cold snap?

A couple of days ago, Weather Channel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman warned that 170 new record lows could be set  Monday to Wednesday. “A little taste of January in November,” said Erdman.

Unfortunately, that number has been updated. The National Weather Service now says that about 250 new cold records are expected from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes.

I think that number is woefully low.

Are we to think there are only 250 towns and cities between the Gulf Coast and the Great Lakes? Only 250 weather stations in that entire distance? Only 250 weather stations over the entire eastern half of the lower 48?

We’re talking about a tremendous swath stretching from interior New England to New York to Pennsylvania to the Ohio and Tennessee valleys to the Southern Plains. This area encompasses major cities such as Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Kansas City, St. Louis and Oklahoma City.

We’re talking about the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes, where both Minneapolis and Chicago are “likely to see their coldest Veterans Day on record.”

We’re talking about lows in the single digits across the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and most of Wisconsin, and in the teens as far south as Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle.

We’re talking about near-record lows all the way south to the Gulf Coast.

Is its just a cold snap? Or do I smell an agenda here?

6 thoughts on “Record cold possible from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast”

  1. I live in Australia and it was 10 below the average on the weekend for November (Spring here) and 4 below yesterday. So it’s happening in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time.
    Yesterday there was a power outage. They are planning to close a coal fired power station near here in a few years, businesses are worried that power prices will rise too high. (There are a few business that still actually make things here like steel products and water tanks). Meanwhile I live next to a rail line and I see endless coal heading to China. There should be open debate about the treason that is going on in this country but everyone is too scared to speak out. Kennedy was right, there is an over arching conspiracy that relies on covert means and it is destroying us and democracy.

  2. oh its def a carefully nuanced researched use of wording

    snap suggests a fast if chilly event
    not sure what poor snowbound plumbing n crops ruined fool will have enough brain snapping chill factor to consider it a brief event myself..

    and then the reverse tactics are applied for anything over a mildly warm couple of days..they suddenly become a heatwave.
    however they may be fewer in times coming.

  3. In all these comments about cooling, I have not seen any about how we will grow more crops if this cold spreads in the future. Are there any thoughts about farming in equatorial Africa, or South America?
    Just wondering.

    • Well, let’s see:
      we all know about Venezuela, now it was a coup in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina are uprising and very politically unstable, agriculture in Columbia means drugs, Central Africa or the so called Horn of Africa is under water (floods), Hong Kong/China out of the question, Australia had/has a bad spell of drought, in US summer came late and winter way to early….
      It spells like famine to me!!

      • Want some more?
        Europe loses 1000 small farms a day, China 1.7X pork prices this year almost double
        Venice is poised to declare a state of emergency after the city was hit by the highest tide in more than 50 years
        Heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms, and winds of more than 100 kilometers per hour hit many parts of southern Italy on Tuesday
        Bangladesh and India received 288mm/11” of rain in 14 hrs
        Good parts of Europe had an early snow storm. Snowing right now in Italy, Austria and Czechia.
        How is Europe going to feed the refugees/invaders???

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